Clinton Cards no longer a family affair

CLINTON_CARDSIt looks like Clinton cards is going to get an outsider in as managing director after decades of being run by the Lewin family. Of course, this is all because the Lewin family haven't been particularly good at making money these days.

Business is bad so founder and chairman Don Lewin is looking to appoint someone else so he can bugger off and have a nice retirement. Don's son, Clinton Lewin (who the company is named after, obviously), is all set to step up to a new role as chairman and it is he who will presumably oversee the management restructure as Clinton tries to get back in competition with supermarkets and online businesses like Moonpig.

Clinton has already issued a profit warning in January and put Birthdays into administration.

Retail Week Knowledge Bank director Robert Clark said: “It is a key moment in the evolution and development of the business. There comes a time, particularly in a quoted company, when it becomes appropriate for an organisation that is family dominated to look outside,” he said.

Hold off the Deathwatch calls for the time being.


  • Tight W.
    It's not rocket science is it ? They charge £3-4 quid for a piece of printed A4 folded in half with a coloured envelope which costs pennies to produce, sell the cards for realistic prices and people might buy them.
  • Joff
    Ok Deathwatch on hold and I'll cancel my order for a 'Sympathy' card. From Hallmark obviously.
  • Charl
    Why 'From Hallmark obviously'? Hallmark only make the cards and sell them onto retailers.
  • Pizza A.
    Tight wad is spot on..... I would never step foot in the stinking place... I just wish I could get Tight Wad's thinking through to my fooking wife who spends £10 a time on 4 or 5 cards FFS....
  • Zleet
    Some new card shop just opened on my local high-street that sells good quality cards for under a quid and giant ones for a pound and always has a queue. How the big chains think charging £3.50 for a bit of printed cardboard is reasonable I'll never know.
  • Michael
    Zleet, are you referring to Card Factory? They seem to be opening shops all over the place - they sell cards for 99p, 59p and less, and do a decent (ie not cheap looking) range where you can pick 7 for a quid. Haven't set foot in Clintons or Smiths (for cards at least) since!
  • Jame
    Clintons do cheap card and expensive ones. Card factory go straight to the factories to order the cards thats why there are so cheap and that why they have to sell all the cards to make any money and there is nothing wrong with that if they ordered there cards from factories in the UK. But If it was just about money people everyone would shop at aldi, but we don't. Some people want shops that give you a choice, some people don't want to by everything for a supermarket or from the cheapest possible option. If clintons goes bust there will be a couple of winner. The traders and the owners who have been betting against the company for years, and are hoping to cash in and buy the company back debt free from the administrator like they did with birthdays. They will not care about the staff who have put years of there lifes in while slowly watching the standards slip as every effort is made by the managment to make a couple for pence profit more on each card. As a customer feel free to spend your money where you like. But don't complain when there are no jobs because evrything is made overseas, and don't complain when prices keep going up because we are so dependent on imports.
  • Nick
    About time too. You cannot rn a company this size just with family members. Its almost impossible that they will have the correct skill sets. Clintons have been ripping people off for years and STILL they can't make money. Dean Hoyle at Card Factory has the right idea, he started selling cards from a van and now he's probably worth more than the Beckhams. a Standard 5inch x 7 inch card costs no more than 15p from China.
  • Nick
    I believe Don Lewin once said "you can't put a price on sentiment" in response to questions about their highly priced cards. Well Mr Lewin take note as Card Factory have put a price on sentiment and have just posted a £55 million profit with fewer stores than Clintons and bargain basement prices. Clintons by contrast managed to turn in a £10 million loss. Somehow CC don't seem to have gpt the hang of it do they?
  • kirky
    If you want to send your Mum a 59p card made in China or maybe your friend gets married or a loved one passes away or you need to let your wife know that you love her on your anniversary, On Mothers day and Christmas you may even stretch to a pound. Any one that you send one of these cards to knows where you have got it from and they will feel exactly the same way you feel when you open a cheap card from china I hope you never receive one I hope you never send one. R.I.P Clinton cards 8000 jobs and the British high street.

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