Choose a government based on kitchens with Ikea!

kleggiThose scamps at Ikea are up to some mischief. They've designed a whole bunch of kitchens based on the three main party leaders who are all fighting for the right to live at 10 Downing Street.

On the Ikea website, they've got a Domestic Policy which enables you to check out Brün, Kamerun and Kleggi.

See what they did there?

The Brün kitchen is designed for the prudent and economically conscious and presumably, is perfect for a cyclops with depth perception issues.

The Kamerun effort, bizarrely, has a picture of someone from Holby City on the wall and what appears to be a colon dangling next to a fur coat. Meanwhile, the Kleggi is 'this week's most popular kitchen' and makes a joke when you roll-over it about 'honeymoon periods'.

Here's to hoping they do the other smaller parties too, with the Bienpee one entirely white, a Grün one that is made entirely out of guilt and a Piratpartiet one made from things stolen from all the other kitchens featured.


  • Maude
    That's brilliant! I particularly like the description on the DECEPTIVIA worktops on the KAMERUN kitchen.
  • Nick c.
    Let's not forget the scutsnat that is simply one big deep fat fryer
  • Gordon B.
    Gordon here. This is not my kitchen. Get out of my house. Mof Gimmers?? Sounds like my pal from the Green party.
  • Andy B.

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