Child Support Agency (CSA) arrangements are ending

childcarryingclothes The government have announced that Child Support Agency (CSA) arrangements are going to vanish and anything sorted out through them will cease to be between now and 2017.

So, if you've been getting your child maintenance through the CSA, you'll soon get a letter informing you when your child maintenance arrangement will end and how and when to make new child maintenance arrangements

You'll be sent the letter between now and the end of 2017. Until then, you don't need to do anything other than worry yourself sick.

So, if you are currently getting some CSA money, that'll continue as normal until the letter arrives to tell you different. Same goes for those of you who are making payments.

What happens next? Well, on the government page announcing this, they helpfully say: "When you get the letter, you can... arrange child maintenance yourself" or get in touch with the new Child Maintenance Service.

Over 800,000 cases will be closed over next three years and the CSA won't be taking on any new cases.

If you get a letter, make sure you respond and carefully consider your options. If you are stuck, then phone the new Child Maintenance Options service at 0800 988 0988 or check


  • BWkeepbanningmefornogoodreason.
    KEEP ALL THE PAPERWORK !! I fought off the CSA in court in 1998, yet they came back in 2012 and tried to take the money from me all over again, WITHOUT ANY PROOF I OWED IT. Luckily, I kept all the documents relating to the case, including their own - which THEY no longer seemed to have. Once confronted by their own documents, they backed down; but if it hadnt been for my boss warning me they had contacted her, and were trying to attach my wages, I would have had a nasty surprise in my pay packet, just in time for Christmas.
  • Jon
    Pay for your kid you deadbeat.
  • Patricia O.
    Hi,I have been receiving £5 per wk from my ex for two teenage children. It wasd found he was earning more than declared from 2011........The csa have calculated he owes me nearly £7k.........but seem to have"mandatory" difficulties in collecting this for me. I work full time whilst he has at least x3 hols a year. Will I ever get the childrens £ from the csa?
  • qwertyuiop
    Highly unlikely.
  • mumtoemall
    I think its disgraceful to take so much from a wage leaving the father with next to nothing to survive on, if it were not for me giving my son a roof over his head he would of lost his job ,no job equals no CSA are you women thick? Admitted fathers should pay but when the mother walks out of the family home does that not show she doesn't need anything? If the man walks out for what ever reason HE is penalised. The system is all wrong and I pay from my taxes to keep these peopl on income support!
  • jessica
    So these scum think its ok to make up false arrears then take 40% of yr wages a week leaving you with not enough to pay the bills let alone the rent and to also use another childs Child Tax to pay towards a child that already gets that is fexking wrongx they dont give a shit about 2nd families and how they.ruin them as long as the pwc gets the pay x
  • dj
    I agree with t other lady bout her son ive been paying child support which I dont mind but think it should stop when they are 18yrs off age some fathers end there life's because child support take half or most off there wages its discracefull I had letter saying it stopped my xwife appealled and won her case I have a 9yr old boy my xwife is only making my son go to college to get more money crafty but I will pay to keep the peace u fathers stay strong im hoping my child support ends nk yr as sin will be 19yrs old I dont see him due to t fact I dont see eye to eye with my xwife shes made my new wife's life a misary I just want this to end so I have nothing more to do with her and as for child support stop making absent fathers skint and having to leave there jobs and u know what else its heartbreaking child support needs to change stop been greedy I couldgo on it makes me mad us fathers work then u people take the lot stop child support all together I say it would save lot off hassel to poor fathers that end there kifes and ones who have worked hard and t greedy xwifes take them for evry penny it stinks
  • dj
    I think child support to anyone should stop at the age off 18yrs off age as they are classed as an adult
  • Beaconsman
    i, I have left 2 jobs in the past due the c/a taking half my wages. They wouldn't repay me the money as i went from full time to pro rata, took them 3 months to change it and I was absolutely broke, one day i ran out of fuel and i was doing 14 hr days just to have £50 spare at the end of the month, so i quit and told the csa to ram it. Now a househusband to a 12yr old/4 yr old and soon 3 yr old with my wife not ex! My ex also got a degree at a university even though she claimed she was the resident parent, really, studying full time and at home...?
  • anonymous
    This is very interesting and I am sure will impact many, my family included. Having done a little research on the matter from what I can see if an agreement cannot be reached by both parents then an application costing £20.00 can be made to the new maintenance service to calculate the correct amount due, which I suspect will be done by the majority of receiving parties to make sure they are getting the correct amount. So who pays this £20.00?, the one who requests the calculation or is it something the paying party will be forced to pay for also? So once this calculation is done and the amount due is confirmed does the paying parent automatically get the chance to pay it direct to the receiving parent without the receiving parents input? I am sure you can see what I am trying to get at here if you have researched this a little as I have. If the maintenance service collects the maintenance payments rather than the paying parent making them direct to the receiving parent, the paying parent is forced to pay an extra 20% whilst the receiving parent is forced to pay 4% (the maintenance services fee for collecting the payment). Due to the bad feeling between a number of parents I believe many receiving parents would be willing to forfeit 4% just to ensure the paying person has to pay 20% more. Is anything in place to actually stop this happening? If the paying parent is more than willing to pay the correct amount directly to the receiving parent then can they force it to be paid through the maintenance service to the paying party has these additional costs each month? Does anybody know any more info on this?
  • Dave C.
    Well I have read all these comments but quite clearly until you loose your home like myself I think you are all rather lucky. Like everyone I had a dispute with these cretins and didn't pay the full amount from 2003 to 2010, between that time they then estimated I owed £23,000.00 yes that's right, so I lost my home when they put an order on the property. This was due to a vindictive woman idle wouldn't work thought life owed her a living and the child also been Downs syndrome she had all the help money and more and then decided to stop me seeing my son aged 8, so at 21 I haven't seen him since unable to afford a solicitor and for what good to go to court. Let me say, good riddance to the CSA and rot in hell.

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