Cheers! Waitrose blunder treats beer drinkers everywhere

Bitterwallet - Fullers Vintage AleTo the delight of real ale fans, last week saw Waitrose launch a special offer on an array of bottled beers. Buy two for £3 was the deal, one that was so hot it scorched the eyebrows off the face of HotUKDeals.

The full list ran to about 50 different types of brew - good news for the cask connoisseur. Unfortunately, Waitrose were a little too generous in their pricing, according to avid Bitterwallet reader MusicRab:

Where Waitrose made a mistake is that one of the beers initially in the promotion was a boxed beer called Fuller's Vintage Ale, a nice little number that usual sells for £3.55.

When sharp-eyed beer drinkers spotted this deal at the weekend they quickly proceeded to empty the shelves, leaving them and/or Fuller's considerably out of pocket.

Now the mistake has been acknowledged by Waitrose, the Vintage Ale has been removed from the offer. The phrase closing the barn door after the horse has bolted springs to mind.

The promotion will continue to run, without the Fuller's Vintage Ale, until 9th November. It proves once again that you should never assume that retailers are cleverer than the customers.


  • PaulH
    Get me a pint of Fosters any day *BURRRP* oh and a copy of the Sun
  • Jonny S.
    Waitrose FAIL!
  • Swanky B.
    I look well hard with a bottle of Fuller’s Vintage Ale in my hand.
  • Kaibor
    So Waitrose offloaded a load of beer onto some punters who probably would not have bought it otherwise (freeing up shelf space), resulting in a lot of people drinking the beer which they might then go on to buy again and some free publicity. It proves once again that you should never assume that the customers are cleverer than retailers.
  • PokeHerPete
    Would one wish to partake in some rimming? Vintage ale? Pfft, like PaulH said, I have some Fosters...or some Skol.

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