Cheap prosecco, wine, and champagne for all!

Cheap prosecco, wine, and champagne for all!

If you're a fan of fizzy booze, you're in luck! Tesco and Sainsbury's are going toe-to-toe over the price of prosecco, champagne, and wine (the not fizzy kinds).

In some cases, you'll get 25% off, which is great if you're planning a party, or of course, just like drinking huge amounts of wine all by yourself while you idly boxset an entire series on Netflix.

At Sainsbury's, you can get 25% off with six or more bottles of fizzy booze in the supermarkets, and online, until 27th August.

Same applies at Tesco, with a slight difference - you'll have until 29th August.

Have a look at the Sainsbury's offers, here. Have a look at the Tesco deals, here.

The good news is that any discounts are stackable, which basically means you can use them on-top of any other discounts that are already in place. So, that's 25% off along with any other existing promotions.

In many cases, if you by six bottles, there'll be even bigger savings to be had, which is fantastic news for any alcoholics-in-training out there.

Naturally, you can see what other voucher codes are available for Sainsbury's and Tesco by clicking the link at the top of the page, where all our great deals and codes are.

If you're so lazy you can't be bothered scrolling up a page, click here.

Either way, a lot of very good prosecco, champagne, and wine for cheap prices. Get stuck in!

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