Carphone Warehouse and Dixons to merge like Voltron

dixons Dixons and Carphone Warehouse are in talks to merge together so, instead of being two companies you like/loathe/are ambivalent toward, they'll join together to make one giant pile of adoration/hatred/I don't care.

If they finalise the merger, it could create a company with, in advance of 3,150 shops and yearly sales of around £12bn.

In a statement, the companies said that talks were at a "very preliminary stage and there can be no certainty that a transaction will be forthcoming". As a result, shares in both businesses started jumping all over the place as the stock market got all excited.

"No decision has been reached regarding the structuring of any such merger," said the companies in the joint statement.

They've got until 5pm on 24th March to announce whether they're going to go ahead with the merger.


  • George C.
    If there might not be a deal, why announce anything? It'd be like The Body Shop SAYING they're going to merge with Greggs, and release a range of polenta slices for smug milfs with more money than sense. And then suddenly they're not merging at all. Some people might allege Dixons and CW were manipulating the stock market.
  • Captain W.
    Good god, can you imagine how shite the customer service will be for the combined company?
  • Han S.
    @George – I’m not an expert by any means but I think you have to say that you’re in merger talks if you’re a publicly traded company.
  • Cunt
    didn't DSGi (Dixons Retail or whatever the group are called) try the mobile market before? Anyone remember "The Link"?
  • Tom
    I feel, maybe any leave of just ok, barely substandard service maybe down the loo now :(.

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