Carpet and furniture companies agree to stop lying about prices

For a while now, the OFT has been investigating furniture and carpet companies for running false promotions and artificially inflating prices so they can slash them and sell you a hideous kidney coloured pleather corner sofa that looks like a tumour.

martin kemp

Now though, the shamed companies – which include SCS (shame on you Martin Kemp!), Carpetright, Dreams, Bensons for Beds and Furniture Village – have agreed to stop making up prices willy nilly and only offer genuine discounts.

The OFT found that the original, reference prices of furniture before they were ‘discounted’ had never actually existed – they were just arbitrary, and unfairly pressurised customers into buying at so-called bargain prices.

The stores haven’t accepted any liability, but they’ve all pledged to stop messing around and price things clearly and fairly. And if they do have discounts to offer, the sofas/beds/wardrobes have to have been on offer for a higher price first.

So if you need to replace your existing sofa with a reclining, wipe clean bouncy castle, at least now you know how much it actually costs.


  • Angry S.
    From the BBC website.... Carpetright executive chairman Lord Harris said: "We are pleased the OFT has publicly welcomed Carpetright's commitment to open and transparent pricing. When customers visit Carpetright they can be confident of getting good quality products at a competitive price, which is supported by our price promise." This man seem to be the O'Leary equivalent in the world of carpets; shamelessly trying to spin this story into an advert for his pathetic, lying company. What a dick.
  • Lemon
    So the DFS is actually compliant with a sale every week??

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