Care for a British cuppa?

Tea might be as British as it gets, but it’s usually grown and picked by sad, underpaid ladies in a field in India or China, then shipped off to feed our insatiable appetite for the hot stuff. But soon you’ll be able to have a cuppa made from leaves grown in Cornwall. PROPER BRITISH TEA, INNIT? *UKIP face*


However, it’s all a little bit more artisan than a crumpled packet of One Cup from Asda. The Tregothnan estate in Cornwall has been growing tea since 2000, in a humid microclimate on the South West coast, and they’ve agreed to sell it through Waitrose. And apparently, the wet weather has created ideal conditions for growing tea.

‘The current extreme wet seems to suit the bushes as long as they are not actually sitting in water.’ Said the estate’s managing director, Jonathan Jones.

‘It mimics much of the Darjeeling climate in India or some of the famous tea regions in China. In fact some of our team is in Shanghai now and will be meeting with companies who wish Tregothnan to also grow tea for them in Cornwall.’

SELLING TEA TO CHINA? Whatever next? Women dressed as men? Men pretending to be ladies? Global warming? Ooh, I say, Doris!


  • Grammar N.
    Whatever next? A new Feral Trolley Of the Week perhaps?
  • klingelton
    What a wonderful idea! Quick, throw that in your trolley.
  • shiftynifty
    Love it!...time for a cup of rosie lea methinks!
  • Alexis
    Surely the tea bushes are dormant at this time of year so the amount of rain won't have any effect
  • Poohead
    Tea grows on trees? WTF! Is dis real?

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