Cannabis cafe to open in Manchester

cannabis_leaf Manchester is going to get a cannabis cafe, which is interesting because, if you've ever walked through Piccadilly Gardens at any given time in the city, it seems to already be on the whole weed thing. And the police have got better things to do than wag their fingers at people with joints in their gobs.

Either way, this new cafe will be opening on Tariff Street and is the doing of cannabis campaigner Colin Davies. He's got together with someone called Nol van Schaik, who is a businessman from the Netherlands (we know how much they like to chong in Amsterdam), and together, they'll be selling oil containing cannabidiol (CBD).

Now, if you're wondering about the legal implications of all this, CBD is legal in the UK, and it doesn't contain tetrahydrocannabidol, which is the thing that gets you high if you cane a load of it.

Davies says: "It's legal, it’s good stuff and it works. The oil is extracted from an industrial plant in Germany. We have people filling it into bottles, branding it and bringing it over. We've already sold quite a bit in England."

"You’re not going to get high on it. It’s medicinal. It helps with all kinds of things likes epilepsy, cancer and Crohn’s disease."

That's right - a cannabis cafe where you won't be getting wrecked. Seems a little pointless to us, but then, Bitterwallet isn't the target market for it, unless they start selling pies and sausage rolls.


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  • Raggedy
    I understand that it doesn't get you high but I would still like a job there. I'm hard working and consistently conscious (when I'm not kicking back and throwing V's). If there are no positions vacant please forward my CV onto Boots, Next, Amazon, Tesco, Royal Mail and River Island (which by a strange coincidence makes the anagram RNR TAB!).

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