Cadbury's Cocoa Houses to rival high street coffee shops?

cadbury Swanky coffee chains like Starbucks, Costa and erm, Greggs could soon face a new rival – Kraft have given the green light to the launch as many as 60 Cadbury Cocoa Houses across the nation.

The first one could be open in London by the end of the year with another 60 Cocoa Houses in the pipeline. Mmm, delicious.

They’ll be flogging afternoon tea and hot chocolate along with a dedicated instore chocolatier service that will make large versions of Cadbury chocolate bars on site, such as Twirls, Curly Wurlys and Flakes that can be wrapped as gifts.

We’re not averse to an enormous bar of chocolate here at Bitterwallet HQ but would anyone actually frequent any of these places? We’ve visited a Cadbury’s chocolate shop and they’re so full-on that we usually stagger out halfway into a diabetic coma.

Still if the fixtures and fittings are actually made out of chocolate, Wonka-style, we’ll be queuing up before they open the doors on day one…


  • Bob
    They'd be wiser pushing their Green and Blacks brand for this. Twirls and Curly Wurlys don't equate with 'chocolatier'.
  • Ben
    At least you can leave the store feeling less dirty, safe in the knowledge that you've funded an ex-British-run company instead of one of the American goliaths.
  • Joanne
  • evilnoodel
    It was only a matter of time...Thorntons have had for a while.
  • m_jack
    Will we be able to buy Kraft cheese slices in these places or what? I won't be setting foot in one until I hear an answer in the affirmative
  • Tom
    The old Tea Shop is back,,,,about time! Afternoon tea is here!
  • (jah) w.
    Cadburys isn't even chocolate - it's veg oil, sugar and milk with a tiny bit of cocoa in. As bob says, they'd be better doing it under the G&B brand/
  • Timmo
    Hang about i'm fairly sure there's already one of these in Bath.
  • Timmo knew it.
  • shinkyshonky
    just like their brands...plastic
  • Elle
    Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!! I never drink tea/coffee when im out, i always have a hot chocolate, and the Starbucks one is horrible, and the only reason the Costa one is nice is because they use Cadburys (well they took the powder out of a Cadburys tin at my local costa) so i at least would frequent these rather regularly :D
  • nelle
    What do you mean, the first one? Cadbury's had a cafe/restaurant thing in Bath not so long ago. Naturally it wasn't very successful as it's not still there, but it was certainly there for a few years as I remember going. It was part of their massive Cadbury's shop on Union Street.
  • Kevin
    Closed in 2007 according to the Daily Mail. I think it's a great idea. And they could sell the Green and Blacks, and the Natural Confectionary Company sweets, and lots of other products you thought were independent. I'd rather have a company like Cadburys/Kraft than Costa/Starbucks et al. I don't even eat chocolate and I like the idea!
  • bob
    I used to work at the Cocoa House in Bath and it used to absolutely rake it in during the summer when there were a lot of tourists. Was pretty dead during the winter though. It didn't help that most of the stuff they sold was just normal Cadbury stuff you could get at the supermarket, or even WH Smiths opposite it, for a lot cheaper.

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