Buy one coffee - give one away

Here’s a nice idea – ‘Suspended coffee.’ When you buy your morning coffee from the local snarling barista, you also pay for a second, which can be claimed by a poor person in need of a caffeine fix to get through another day on the poverty line.

ian beale

The scheme itself began in Italy, where coffee is seen as a basic human right, like passionately gesticulating or riding a moped without a helmet. Now coffee shops in the UK are signing up to the Suspended Coffee idea, which relies on old fashioned good faith and a sense of social justice.

Always thinking up new ways to distract customers from the fact they don’t pay any tax in the UK, Starbucks is also getting on board, and will announce their version of the scheme very soon.

It all gives you a warm glow, doesn’t it? And we may soon be used to the sight of the nations’ ‘gentlemen of the road’ lining up at the local Starbucks for Frappucinos and Vente lattes.

‘What’s your name, sir, so I can write it on your cup?’

‘EH? Dunno. The boys round the pile of burning tyres call me Nobby.’


  • Me
    So now we wait for the first daily mail article on how a starbucks refused to provide said suspended coffee because the homeless man asking for it wasnt stinky enough
  • Mike O.
    Tiniest hint of deja-vu with this article

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