Buy Boots deal, get another Boots deal free?

boots_logoThanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Chris for pointing out an interesting hack on special offers at Boots, which was originally posted in the Failheap Challenge forums:

Boots has various "Buy product X, get product Y free" deals, including:

• buy paracetemol get a water free; and
• buy ibuprofen get a water free

Boots also has:

•buy two waters for £1.50 (a discount of about £1).

When using the automated checkouts, I bought 1 ibuprofen, 1 paracetamol (total expected cost, £2.64), then scanned my two "free" waters - the display showed that both were subject to the free offer, but when I scanned the second one the discount ALSO accrued.

The total cost ended up £1.64, so I got both waters for free AND £1 off.

I have yet to explore the shop in details but is obviously conceivable to get even greater exploit benefits if this works with all deals.

Any avid Bitterwallet read care to check out whether this hack works or not?


  • StauntonLick
    WTF IS DIS REAL??? £1.64 for two packs of pills (cheap packs normally about 16p each) and two bottles of water (free from tap). Not quite seeing where the deal is here, unless there's some decent stuff on offer as well.
  • h-dog
    Sorry but I hate this kind of "I've found a way of tricking a system into giving me something for free" deal. Just because a shop hasn't set up pricing properly doesn't mean it should be exploited, just like the guys in Hackney didn't deserve their shops to be kicked because they didn't have proper shutters. I know there is a difference between a big corporate and local business but the principle is the same.
  • Jambojiscuit
    Totally agree with StauntonLick. Chris is an idiot. You can get all of that for 50p.
  • Yoyoyo
    I did this by accident on my break a few months ago. There was a BOGOF deal on drinks, and I kept getting a free drink with the drink I got with my meal deal. The first time it happened, they said they didn't know it worked like that. Every time I went (2 or 3 times) in the next few weeks I did the same. I guess it'd work with most deals in there.
  • greg
    this might work with the meal deals (are they still £2.99?), might be able to get 2 meal deals for £5!! remember you can get the big donkey cinema bags of chocolate in the meal deals too, sweeeet
  • Grumpy
    Ha! £2.99 for a meal deal? No way, they're £3.79 here!!
  • george
    You don't need two meal deals for the similar trick to work, just two drinks! I always get a £3 sandwich, pack of crisps and 2 bottles of pepsi for £3 at Salisburys whenever the offer is on! Bargain!
  • Alex
    When they have this kind of deal on drinks I want, you can usually get two drinks included in the meal deal price, which can be good. As others have said for the pills that have been bought this really is not an offer as superdrug, and most supermarkets sell them substantially cheaper. Water is free, if you want bottled water try seeing how many bottles poundland will see you for £1. Or try lidl 19p and cooled too.

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