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weird booksWe've all heard the infinite amount of monkeys with typewriters theory haven't we? Essentially, at some point, we'd end up with all the books in the British Museum or some junk.

Well, what about those that slip through the cracks? The ones where the monkeys started to think about what they were writing? What kind of weird shit would monkeys write about? And besides,  the internet is pretty much the theory of loads of monkeys with typewriters and Tumblr looks nothing like Shakespeare.

Basically, Abebooks has a list of the best literary oddities found, which include B. Koz's '50 Ways to Use Feminine Hygiene Products in a Manly Manner', a Gangsta Rap Colouring book, 'The Great Pantyhose Crafts Book',  something called Erotic Dots, Dana Miller's 'How Green Were The Nazis?' and a book clearly inspired by Bitterwallet's Feral Shopping Trolleys - the pictured 'Stray Shopping Carts of North America'.

The best news is that you can buy all these titles. Or is that the worst news?

Click here to view the list and, indeed, make your own submissions.

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  • Jase
    "How to Survive a Robot Uprising" - I got that for Christmas!

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