Burger King to start serving beer in the UK?

2 November 2015

burger-king-simpsons We've long argued that fast-food chains shouldn't try and be healthy. McDonald's have been struggling, and we think it is because their food isn't greasy enough. They should be a nasty treat, not a cuddly, concerned salad vendor.

So with that, Burger King have got the right idea, by looking at serving beer in their outlets.

That's right! BK could be selling you booze with your Whopper in UK restaurants, after they announced that they want to sell beer from this month. They've applied for a drinks licence in four of their chains, in Blackpool, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Hull and Bury St Edmunds.

If they get their licence, then they'll be able to serve alcohol from 10am to 11pm, seven days a week. Craft ale lovers and CAMRA clubs, probably need not apply. You suspect that BK will want to stay with the American theme and be serving up lager from the US.

Of course, elsewhere in the world, fast food joints are already selling beer, and the UK is a bit of an anomaly for not selling lager and whatnot, with the burgers and chips.

If Burger King manage to get licences for these four branches, then you can bet they'll try this out nationwide. Not only that, you can imagine that a number of other fast food joints will get on this as well. We might end up being able to buy fancy booze from places while we wait for our pizzas to cook, and the like. Some kebab shops in Spain sell very good ale on tap, so we've hoping for something similar to that at least.


  • John K.
    No doubt some killjoy will want to put a stop to this. Think of the children!!!!
  • dvdj10
    You can buy ale on tap whilst waiting for you pizza to cook... it's called Pizza Hut (minging mind).
  • Rod C.
    They've been doing this for months in their Bristol Airport branch. You can order a meal and pay £1 extra for a pint of fizzy pop (Fosters I think).
  • Pie M.
    Fosters eh? Shit beer to go with the shit food then.

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