Burger King boss thinks English women are ugly


Burger King restaurants are so achingly friendly that it feels like someone is trying to give you a reacharound while you're ordering a slab of greasy cow corpse. "HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" and "WE'RE ALWAYS SAD TO SEE YOU GO" adorns the walls of BK.

They must be our friends then, eh?

Not quite. See, the chief executive of Burger King - Bernardo Hees - has described English women as ugly and our food as "terrible". That'd be a man who sells burgers trying to demean other food there.

Bernardo Hees was addressing students in Chicago and recalled his time studying at the University of Warwick. He said: "The food is terrible and the women are not very attractive." If that's true, it is because our women eat way too many of his beef products that contain half of a woman's recommended daily calorie intake. Basically, it's all his fault. Kinda.

Of course, Burger King were quick to apologise, saying: "Mr Hees apologises if his comment has offended anyone. It was intended as a humorous anecdote to connect with his audience."


  • revenge w.
    How can he connect with an audience that couldn't even tell you where Warwick/Warwickshire is? They barely know where their own country is, let alone anywhere abroad
  • Whisky
    What I want to know is how they make their chips so shit?
  • Stupid p.
    Considering the shit food that Burger King makes, who is he to comment on poor food. Has he not tasted his own crap in a bun and cardboard chips.
  • zacspeed
    He aint wrong though is he? I'll get me coat.
  • Borris J.
    @revenge is win: he probably couldn't tell you where Warwick is, as Warwick Uni is in Coventry. And he described it well. It's a pile of poo. @Whisky: they're looooads better than McDonalds... they have some magic coating and all sorts
  • zeddy
    Given the large number of ugly cows living in England, you would have thought BK would have seen an opportunity to use them in their patties.
  • Alexis
    If the CEO's secretary is apologising, it's not the same as the CEO or the corporation apologising. IS IT?
  • Brad
    So what was the anecdote then? Maybe it was funny? but we will be the judge of that, im sure ill be left disappointed.
  • PokeHerPete
    Oh the irony, and American criticising out food and women.
  • Slacker
    I'm sensing Mr Hees never got laid at University...
  • Burger b.
    Briliant and such an astute man - english women are the fattest in Europe - the food is sh^t - unless like my good self you can afford the best wines and food known to humanity. Still walking round St. Annes square I did spot a lor of attractive ladies, mostly asian or black or eastern european.
  • Milky
    Bernardo Hees is evidently a complete cunt! ..he's pretty much spot on with regards to the getting SO much fatter women / girls teens though. Doesn't make him less of a cunt though, has he had a look round the states lately?
  • Reverend J.
    what a fat arrogant shit head! Im Scottish, and I think English women are hot hot hot! So hot, that the fact I lived with one kinda says it all.. BREEDING THEM OUT!!.. Well that was the idea, until the country was invaded by the other islamic cunts...
  • American E.
    And here I thought British women were fat thanks to their binge drinking. They don't call them beer belies for nothing. But I've been corrected, it's obviously a burger conspiracy. Still doesn't explain the weak chins, bad teeth, large bottoms no matter how flat the top and their inexplicable desire to dress up like a magpie's rejects. How is fast food responsible for that? Now, the French or Italians - hell, most of Europe - would be able to legitimately take offense. But I agree, despite its veracity, the remark demonstrated a poor education. Since Hess attended a Brtiish university, I suppose one can't really blame him for not knowing better.

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