Burger King beers are happening

burger king Remember us talking about beer being served at Burger King restaurants? Well, it is now officially happening.

The meat vendor has been given the go-ahead to sell you beer with your Whopper. Initially, this is going to be at the Burger King at Waterloo Station, which isn't great news for anyone who is never likely to step foot in the place. However, if one BK can serve beer, than others are likely to soon join in around the rest of the country.

There are some stipulations though - there's only beer being sold, so don't expect to be ordering a glass of gin or getting stuck into cocktails while you plough your way through some chilli cheese bites. Beer can only be sold until 8pm too, so it looks like somewhere you'll whet your whistle, rather than enjoy a nightcap (it is served from 8am though, should you be getting in rather late).

Here's the kicker for you boozehounds - Burger King can only serve beer that has an alcohol content of below 5%, which must be consumed on the premises. There's a load of famous beers in there, but don't be expecting anything with a big boozy hit (to be honest, no-one in their right mind thought that would be the case any way).

Either way, now the Waterloo branch has worked out how to sell beer, we suspect they'll be passing on their crib-notes to the rest of the company so they can serve you a beer with your burger too.

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