BT to ruin your Christmas

bt-logo BT are raising their prices in December. Merry Christmas!

That's right. The telco have announced that they are to raise the prices of their phone and broadband by 6.5%

The price rise has been - surprise - defended by BT, claiming that most customers are on inclusive packages, and that bills have actually decreased by 14% in the last half decade.

It will increase the line rental for direct debit customers by 6.25% to £16.99, and the rate for calling UK landlines by 6.44%.

And also, set-up fees for landline calls, residential calls, to the speaking clock and call return charges will also increase for some or all customers.

BT's option for low-incomes, BT Basic, will stay the same at £5.10 a month with a call allowance.

Of course, they're not nearly as keen to have an option where you can get a fibre optic broadband connection without the need for a landline (as a lot of people just rely on their mobiles these days), but there you go.


  • youngatwork
    It's a football tax! All customers paying for the Champions League rights, even if you don't take/want BT Sport!
  • Soronery
    Left B.T. yonks ago, never looked back.
  • Robin
    Yep that £1 extra is really gonna ruin my Xmas Get a grip people..
  • Fat H.
    Robin, it's £12 extra per annum. Which is a piss take.
  • No c.
    Ditched those cunts long ago when they raised their charge from 12 something to 15 quid. Landlines are a waist of money anyway! 8 out of 10 calls we get is from PPI.
  • Pie M.
    Haven't been a BT victim... err, customer for decades. Do they really have any left??

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