BT hike landline prices up yet again

A spoof caller, earlier today

We’re starting to get the feeling that BT don’t want people to use their old fashioned landline telephone any more – how else would you explain a rise in call charges by more than double the rate of inflation?

Well that’s what’s going to happen from next month, when a landline call will go up from 7p a minute to 7.6p a minute (a nine per cent increase), with the connection fee that comes at the start of a call going up from 11.5p to 12.5p. There’ll also be an increase in BT’s standard line rental charge, with a rise of 30p to £13.90.

The price hikes come after a 10% increase in call charges and a 50p line rental rise last October. uSwitch have claimed that customers on BT's basic package who made two five-minute daytime calls each day would see their monthly bill jump from £28.52 a year ago to £35.78 once BT's new fees take effect, a claim that BT have denied.

So is it even worth having an active landline anymore, what with the presence of the modern mobile phones and VOIP services like Skype? Tell us. But don’t ring – we’re not going near that cash-vampire that we sometimes call a phone.


  • Phil
    Only reason I have a land line is for ADSL. I use a mobile for everything else. As soon as I don't need it, its going the way of the dodo! Can't wait to tell BT where to go!
  • james D.
    Oh, people still have landlines?
  • James
    yep same here, only have it so i can get broadband. just use my free minutes on my mobile to make calls.
  • Kevin
    The only reason a lot of people have a landline (ie those with Sky or Virgin) is that it is actually cheaper to have a package that includes it than a package that excludes it. At least £5 difference with one Virgin package anyway.
  • Russ
    Greedy filth, but who actually makes phone calls on a landline nowadays anyway
  • Da0xin
    I only use mine for a fast Internet connection too, they should have a lower tariff just for this type of connection.
  • Kevin
    Lots of people still do. Not that us technological people care about them :P
  • Alexis
    "monthly bill jump from £28.52 a year ago to £35.78 once BT’s new fees take effect, a claim that BT have denied." Surely it's a case of adding some numbers up, so either it's wrong or it's right? I don't see how BT can "deny the claim". Unless they corrected the figure, which presumably they didn't.
  • Laurz
    Last July it was £12.79 line rental, 9.9p call connection charge and 5.9p per minute. Making 2 5 minute daytime calls per day for the entire year (this year) based on those prices would cost £358.36. Making 2 5 minute daytime calls per day for the entire year based on the prices which come into effect in April it will cost £429.40. An increase of £71.04 in 9 months.
  • Noghar
    When I had a Virgin landline installed two years back Virgin wanted to change the phone number I'd had for twenty years or so (yes ok I'm incredibly old). I got really ventilated till I realised that between email, texts and the several mobiles in the house anyone who wanted to talk to me could easily do so, and it didn't matter a toss if I had a landline or not or if my number got changed (except when my mother in law calls... cue Bernard Manning joke here.) Heard someone on Radio Four yesterday describe BT's decision to sell off its Cellnet mobile phone operation as 'One of the worst corporate decisions in business history'. I've never seen it in listed with 'New Formula Coke' and similar marketing fiascos but it's clearly true, and it couldn't have happened to a bigger bunch of cnuts. But to think these clueless arseholes still have their big shitty mitts all over the UKs broadband rollout...
  • Misterel
    Don't forget they also reclassified 6-7pm as peak rate fairly recently. They're all heart really :)
  • Slacker
    Wow, I didn't think anyone was still with BT.

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