BT announce ANOTHER set of price rises

It seems like it was only yesterday when we brought you the grim news of a BT price rise. Well, it wasn’t – it was April, so OBVIOUSLY another price hike is well overdue… and here it comes.

There’s a 5% rise in call charges for residential customers coming on December 3rd, with UK landline calls going up from 7.6p to 7.95p per minute. There’ll also be a line rental increase but call charges to mobile phones will remain unchanged.

The latest price increases come after the aforementioned April rise and a 10% rise in call charges a year ago. But BT have said that the prices will be frozen until 2013, so expect another price rise on January 1st 2013 then.

Here’s a handy graphic that we’ve lifted from the BBC’s website that show the price increases. Anyone got a problem with that?

Screen shot 2011-08-27 at 09.03.44


  • jah
    I'm surprised you highlight the landline call charge increase over the line rental; I'd have thought for most customers this 70p/month hike will be the biggest charge...
  • Nick T.
    Refer them to Ofcom! (cue tumbleweed, sound of a distant bell carried on the wind)
  • Joe
    I'm with BT, on the top broadband and phone package. 70p per month is absolutely fuck all. I don't make many phone calls and the ones I do are included in the package. I'll be fine. That said BT are a shower of useless cocksockets. The broadband service is good and reliable; customer service is a pile of shite.
  • TechLogon
    As the landline market gets squeezed by mobiles, prices go up to keep the Board in the manner to which they are accustomed - 'twas ever thus... In other news - inflation is still only 4.5% and bacon has wings.
  • Craig
    Contacted BT over this. Won't allow anyone to cancel until the 1st October (ebillers) as they haven't informed us directly yet.\I think that's not right as being in the public domain means we are informed?
  • Skimblet
    I have also contacted BT regarding this and it seems if you have Broadband & Calls with them also then you are screwed (if in contract). They will allow you to cancel the phone line but not the broadband/calls as this is not affected but because you no longer have the phone line they increase the cost of your broadband and take away the calls. Or you have the choice to stay with them (no choices here really) Im guessing that after the cooling off period after they have increased the call charges there will be an increase to broadband prices as well, then you will be able to cancel your broadband but not your phone line
  • nick
    Just getting back to reality after trying to tackle Bt over the price rises. After many phonecalls, live chat and even an email I come to one inevitable conclusion: Bt have informed their staff to use stalling and distraction methods and ultimately lying when dealing with us over complaints of this price rise, The logic being is that they know they have acted unlawfully. I for one have no more energy to waste on them, I will just count the days until I can terminate my contract with them, they are scum, simple as that. Oh yes and if you want to know how to email them (and that aint easy!) you go to the "help" tab on your bt "homepage" select "my order" as your problem and you get the option to email with an obligation on them to return it within 24 hours, admittedly you will get a load of drivel, however you will also get a dedicated land line number for a member of customer services, the one they gave me was Jason on 01977 591441, so hey go ahead and make his day by giving him a call, he cant wait to hear from you. Though please expect nothing more than lies and flannel. BT you suck!
  • post i.
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