Brits like flashing the cash dahn the shops

Despite the credit card boom, when it comes to shopping, it seems that us Brits still favour good old fashioned pictures of the Queen instead of paying with plastic. The British Retail Consortium analysed 10 billion retail transactions from last year – and cash was used in 54% of all purchases.


Debit cards came a close second at 30%, while credit cards only represented 11% of transactions. With credit card charges so astronomical for both the consumers and the retailers, that's hardly surprising.

But while we prefer to wave our wad at the till when we buy a pint of milk and a copy of Razzle, vouchers and online coupons are becoming increasingly popular.

It’s a method of payment that may become even more widespread, says Helen Dickinson, Director General of the BRC : ‘These methods will be the 'ones to watch' in the future, and retailers are investing heavily to make sure their customers have choice and convenience in ways to pay, whether in-store, at home or on the move.’

Jesus. Will we soon all start going to the fish counter at Asda and saying ‘WOWCHER!’?


  • Alexis
    Shock horror - people spend a few quid at a time (when cash is easiest) more often than large transactions (when cards are easier).
  • Zleet
    With a higher cost of living and the loss of a social safety net I'm not surprised that cash is preferred. The upside is that desperation means handjobs in dark alleys will be cheaper and the scared teen will be English rather than a sex trafficked eastern European, so not all gloom and doom.
  • Angry R.
    Let's not forget the 2.5% charge for using credit cards either. Even with any likely Quidco that may or may not be paid and the credit card cash back, it still seems like a knock.
  • Sicknote
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - Brits don't have any cash
  • Tony
    Everyone enjoys waiting for people faffing about paying for a drink and packet of crisps on a bank card...
  • Dr Z.
    Hey! You're suddenly Mr Money with the big impressive £5 note.
  • shiftynifty
    Caked and Raked init...loads of cash

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