Britons (arctic) roll with it, love their retro food

Certain food products, which we may have assumed had been thrown into the great skip in the sky, are making a comeback on British shelves. Whilst TV chefs yell at us to rummage in hedgerows for seasonal nuts and berries and lifestyle supplements extol the virtues of scallops, it seems that British people are flicking the Vickies and going straight for processed gunk! How brilliant!

The BBC have reported that sales of Arctic Roll are on the rise and that people are going mental for Supermousse again. Even Findus Crispy Pancakes are (slowly) making a comeback, seeing the need to get a specially designated Twitter account.

Does this mean that we'll get a return of Vienetta (the poshest of all desserts, surely?) Or maybe we'll all start getting cravings for Angel Delight so bad that we'll find people guzzling it, dry from the packet, in the aisles of Britain's supermarkets?

As long as people don't start squirting Primula Cheese or thinking that Sodastream is a good idea, we should be okay. So. Who is up for a can of Quattro and a bag of Hedgehog flavour crisps then? Stick your sorbets where the sun don't shine... okay? I'm off getting wasted on Party 7's.


  • Hmm...
    Beef monster munch is a good reason why this is a good idea
  • snoogans81
    SodaStream IS trying to come back! With fancy new looking machines . . . And one presumes the same nasty tasting drinks too.
  • Emma
    Oh the thought of that butterscotch angel delight nearly made me vomit. Horrid stuff.
  • matt
    vienetta - comeback - ive just bought some lol
  • Gunn
    I have the new soda stream but it doesn't taste like the original. I remember quatro, what a blast from the past! Cremola foam also a firm favourite for a comeback, who knows what was in that?!
  • Callum
    Since when did Vienetta disappear?
  • LD
    Vesta packet chow mein ...... tinned Fray Bentos steak pies ....
  • Mary
    The supermousses are nothing like they used to be!
  • John V.
    Vienetta never left.........
  • The B.
    Cremola cream soda, I got all excited when they brought Creat back but no Cremola, what about Corona? Let's get fizzical?
  • Ross
    I'm STILL chewing on a Texan bar !
  • Q
    i'm sure i remember a spider flavour monster munch when i was a kid, absolutely awesome
  • mjpl
    I have been enjoying whispa gold coming back, just as good as always. Now I want the original flavor and texture nerds before the rumor of glass being in them ruined the recipe.
  • David
    Can we get Victory Vs that taste right? (they tok out the ether and chloroform a few years ago and it's not been the same since).
  • Brians U.
    Vienetta, yeah theres the add on the radio about the lady whos looking for the stuff in the freezer and the husband tells her to look under the mint vienetta to the left of the chocolate vienetta and if its not there to check under the other vienettas and whatever it is shes lookin for will be under there, I heard it last year as well.
  • Bob
    Still got my Quatro card for getting the drinks out of the branded vending machines, I think it still has credit on it!
  • Inactive
    Bring back Spangles.

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