British women are all 'wardrobing'

a typical woman According to research, one in every six British women has wardrobed. No, this isn't something kinky, but rather, it is the act of 'wardrobing' or, if you prefer, the practice of buying an item of clothing, wearing it with the tag in and then returning it to the shop for a refund.

This has become a regular occurrence for one in eight women, and they're saying it helps them to save money.

"Our research reveals that over a quarter of women who admit to ‘wardrobing’ feel guilty about it but the pressure to look good on special occasions makes it feel like the only option for some to look good on a budget,” said Anita Naik, consumer editor.

Most people do a bit of wardrobing so they can impress their mates on a night out and it gives them a chance to wear incredibly expensive items and then get a refund on it. However, growing numbers of ladies are wardrobing for weddings and job interviews.

One in ten British women are shopping, looking for clothes that have a safety pin tag, which means the label can be taken off and replaced later, while one in every twenty spray the item with air freshener before taking it back to the shop.

"If you plan ahead, you can take advantage of sales, discounts and deals if you want to buy something new, or buy less expensive items such as accessories to refresh an existing outfit. Even better why not borrow clothes from friends in different social circles for the events you’re attending. As long as you’re willing to repay the favour, you will all benefit from getting the most cost-per-wear out of your special outfits,” Naik added.


  • cicobuff
    So basically you have more chance getting something new in Primark..the more women pay in expensive stores means they have more chance of picking up something that has previously been worn
  • Tits M.
    I've done the man version. Bought a £800 projector from PC world for some demo (£100 just to hire!!) and took it back for a refund in the evening.
  • fibbingarchie
    '...the pressure to look good on special occasions makes it feel like the only option...' It's amazing how little it takes for people to become fraudsters; get some self respect.

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