British people are proud to buy British

British brands are seen by UK consumers as most trustworthy, while American giant megacorps are viewed with increasing suspicion. That’s according to a poll by business analysts Nunwood, who found that 9 out of 10 of the most trusted brands were home grown.

john lewis Britain

And - cor blimey love a duck - it was John Lewis, purveyor of tasteful goods and polka dot tablecloths, who topped the charts, putting US book botherers Amazon into 4th place.

Amazon’s reputation has been tarnished by their rampant inability to pay their taxes properly, but it was still the only non-British company on the list. It seems we also love to buy cubic zirconia unicorns on QVC UK, bank with First Direct, fly with Virgin Airlines, shop and eat at M&S, get our groceries delivered by Ocado and purchase our stinky bath bombs at Lush.

Also appearing in the top 20 were small, less established British brands, such as online wine shop Laithwaites and mobile phone company GiffGaff. Oh, and what's this rising like a red coated phoenix from 165th place to number 14? Say Hi-de-Hi to revamped holiday company Butlins.

So what’s behind this sudden patriotic need to buy British and go on holiday to Skegness in a depressing chalet? Director of Nunwood, David Conway, explained.

‘There is a sense of people sticking with British in times of difficulty. Unquestionably, there is a bit of an aura around John Lewis. The fact that it is owned by its employees has given it a halo effect. Customers have a feeling that the staff try that bit harder and make an extra effort, so they view it as a brand that they can trust.’

It’s also got nice toilets - and there's nothing like a good patriotic bowel movement in John Lewis to make you proud to be British.


  • jokester2
    "Amazon’s reputation has been tarnished by their rampant inability to pay their taxes properly" Actually, they paid all the tax they owed properly. Stop bitching just because they didn't donate millions of pounds extra to our waste-of-space government!!!
  • Captain.Cretin
    John Lewis isnt a product, it is a shop (full of "Made in China" items for sale).
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    QVC UK?! Yeah, real british!
  • Dick
    I agree. John Lewis may be British, but they don't sell all that many British products. And the cleaners that clean up after you shit on the floor? Foreigners.

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