British brands are in global demand

Chinese, Russian and French shoppers are flocking to British online shops, in a bid to snap up our unique, er, style.

M&S campaign

That’s according to the British Retail Consortium and Google, whose quarterly online monitor picked up a 13% rise in searches for British brands from overseas customers.

It’s more than double the rate the other way round, with only a 5% increase in searches for foreign goods in the UK. And it seems that overseas consumers want to snap up our womenswear – and more specifically, jewellery.

This is all back slapping, chest puffing stuff for two of the UK’s biggest retailers – M&S and John Lewis – who are on the up abroad. JL is expanding its online operations to include a French website, while M&S has just invested £150m in a new online revamp.

Helen Dickinson from the BRC said it was partly down to the UK spending money on decent websites that actually work. 'It’s particularly impressive to see the strength of women’s clothing brands and our department stores shining through in these figures.’ She said. ‘This innovation and good use of new technology explains why the UK is now the world’s second biggest online retail exporter.’

And it’s not just the Chinese, French and Russians who want our dresses and necklaces. There’s also been a 51% upsurge in traffic from Thailand, and a 40% boost from Malaysia.

But while it's great news for the British economy, does this mean all the women around the globe will soon be wearing beige M&S Per Una separates and looking like Emma Thompson? BORING.


  • Billybobjimbob
    Would any woman want to look like any of those five munters? At least the half-decent looking one is trying to hide her shame.
  • Tits M.
    How long is that blokes arm on the left!

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