Britain's Worst Company of 2009 - the first semi-final!

17 December 2009

worst-2009-semifinals EDIT: There was a colossal, White Lightning-fuelled cock up which saw Barclays incorrectly put through from round two instead of Royal Mail. So we'll have to start again. We're extending the voting time until noon tomorrow. Apologies for any upset, confusion and loss of sleep you may suffer from because of this technical error. (Thanks to keen-eyed avid reader Digital E)

It’s now semi-final time in Bitterwallet’s Britain’s Worst Company of 2009 voteathon. From the original 32, we’re now down to the eight shittiest companies according to you, our avid readership.

We’re altering the format slightly for the semis and over the next two days you’ll have the choice of four companies per day for y’all to direct your rage towards. The top two from each showdown will make it into next week’s pre-Christmas final.

Today’s quartet of consumer crapulence are eBay, BT, Phones4U and Barclays Royal Mail. Ugh – just typing out their names makes us want to vomit chunks into a pail.

You’ve got until midnight tonight noon tomorrow to cast your vote and you can check out the pretty-bloody-close-actually outcome of yesterday’s final second round tussle between T-Mobile and Orange here. Ooh, it was a tight one.

There’s also a rundown of all of the results so far here. Check back tomorrow for the second semi-final. Tense doesn’t even begin to describe it all…


  • jason
    I don't know why you don't just throw ebay and paypal into the finals and let them both win with a draw since they're run by the same people and are equally as bad.
  • Wibble
    What day was the Vote-Off that included Did I miss that one???
  • Spark
    Ebay is going down.
  • ScottC
    Has to be BT.
    Phones4U gets my vote, because despite all the stories, I've never had a problem with the others.
  • anti-paypal
    ebay with 10% flat rate final value fee for non-business sellars,also the option for sellars not to give negative feedback.taking away the neutrality of the system and allowing sellars to be ripped of by buyers and stupid buyers who can't read properly(or can't be bothered to read the description)and jump in head first.well done ebay.bunch of money grabbing scumbags.they prefer you to be a business sellar and to sell cheap crap to everyone.there is less quality gear been sold these days because they(ebay) have scared off private sellars who sell quality gear.
  • D72
    If you don't like ebay's prices and methods of doing things, don't buy/sell there. I've been buying from ebay for years and never had a single problem. Who cares about feedback, you're protected by Paypal anyway, I never even read feedback. Is ebay even a British company? BT can't avoid them and they are really bad, even simple things always go wrong with them and take weeks to resolve. Often they can't even admit to their having being a problem, say they've looked into it and found nothing wrong then strangely it's fixed. Also, when I've had to call them recently I've had to talk to people in India, I called BRITISH Telecom and got put through to India.
  • Rich
    Why are all four going against each other? Shouldn't it be a quarter final as in eBay v BT then phones4u v Barclays otherwise twats like ebay might get away with it because BT are pure shite.
  • Caffmando
    BT should burn in the fire of a thousand suns!
  • Digital E.
    Is it just me or did Barclays get beat by Royal Mail before ??? I am confused to as why Barclays is in and not Royal Mail? Am I missing something?
  • Rogerwilco
    D72 thats a typical "I only buy on ebay" response alot of people who have reason to complain about ebay are sellers. Why dont you try listing a few dvd's/games etc as a private seller , get some idiot buyers and fraudsters, then come back and comment. if there was a decent alternative to ebay and they didnt have an effective monopoly then many people would go elsewhere!
  • Terry O.
    D72,take it you never had to make a claim using Paypal Buyer Protection then ?.They only thing they protect in my experience is scamming little scumbags who have stolen your money.Their customer service is non existent and along with sister company eBay fully deserve to be in this poll.If Mr.Crap went to Craptown and layed the biggest crap in the history of crapness it still would not be as crap as Ebay or Paypal's customer service !.
  • Amos
    I'm sure there were hundreds of votes about half hour ago lol
    Yeah why has the voting been reset? I wonder if BW will respond, or just ignore it like the obvious fixing of the Littlewoods/Virgin vote.
  • Paul S.
    I'd suggest reading the article above - specifically the part that says EDIT - with your eyes.
    The edit was added after I posted. My eyes are damn good, but not that good. Now pipe down sister!
    • Andy D.
      @TVDBP - the edit was added at the exact same time that the poll was reset. I fucked it and I fucking well fixed it too. Fixed as in mended, not as in, you know, fixed.
    PS: Please approve my airline posts - theres one missing.
  • Nobby
    You should obviously have made a composite picture of a bird with her tits out carrying a sign saying there has been a mistake.
  • dank
    Ebay and Royal Mail are a tag-team made in Shitdom.
  • Guybrush T.
    Posted by D72 | December 17th, 2009 at 10:24 am If Who cares about feedback, you’re protected by Paypal anyway No you're bloody not- try and get in touch with them- they don't reply. You hope the seller sorts it out or you're on your own. My experience. If you pay by credit card through paypal, the paypal cancels that out guarantee too. Pay-bay to lose.
  • JJ
    got to be ebay for me. 10% flat rate is totally mental, let alone listing fees -HAVING to accept paypal in some item categories (which deducts another 5%), HAVING to offer FREE p&p in some categories (of which they take 10% of the postage fee - WTF?) They also took till the 5th of december to sort out my claim from 28th august after getting duped out of £140. granted i got it back, but fuck me - going on four months with one update every 3-4 weeks in unacceptable, as mentioned above, the ebay, paypal, royal mail tag team is the worst possible combination as a seller. pants pulled down over various fees & charges, then overcharged for a shite service that dont deliver on time, if at all.
  • JJ
    oh and i forgot to mention that they were retarded enough to send my £140 refund back to a credit card that i had cancelled and removed from my profile in september. had to get in contact with old bank and trya nd prove they had my money. mental.
  • Bill-e-goat
    My vote has to go to BT the thiefing gypsie bstrds. Called them out to fix the main phone socket due to a crackly line, it took 5 mins (yes 5mins) and tried charging £250!!! for the privilige. I then Struggled for weeks to get an Indian bloke to understand my frustration.
  • Shopdis F.
    Fucking hell, looks like Andy wants a punch up, where's my mace, can I fight the winner?
  • thebawp
    Royal Mail get my vote. They are utterly incompetent when it comes to requesting a redelivery in my area. There's no point in getting it sent to the post office as they are always on the defensive when collecting an item (How long ago did you request it? Did you ring the sorting office? It's Royal Mail's problem, not ours attitude) - but even getting something redelivered is hit and miss, case in point, I tried to get something redelivered today and it came at 2:05pm. I'd left the house by then, waiting in all morning to have my normal mail delivered at 11:30am was bad enough. It's more than an hour round trip just to get to the sorting office, now, when I buy online I try to use a courier for anything I know won't fit through the door.
  • archie
    Out in the freezing cold delivering the Xmas cards and parcels at the moment. Nice to know Royal Mail,s postie,s have the public backing !
  • Smiff
    way too harsh on royal mail imho, they employ tens of thousands of people and nearly all of them are decent honest folk and it's a tough job.. ebay/paypal on the other hand only employ 10 people and 9 of them don't care about their customers (ok i'm exaggerating slightly). and ebay get paid for doing very little other than watching their computers, watching their money pile up every time someone (a small ebay seller) does some work. occasionally they employ a web developer to make their site worse or raise the fees. that's about it.
  • Gunther
    I agree with Smiff. Royal Mail fail far less of their customers than eBay.
  • NT
    Royal Mail get my vote. They don't post a calling card to let me know they're holding my special delivery, which ends up costing me £120. They took the postie's word for it and won't refund the cost. Shopto then send items by recorded delivery requiring a signature, the postie doesn't give a shit this time round and sticks them through the post box.
  • stuart
    I stick up for royal mail too. I have posted 2 items by other courier . one got lost, never been found the other badly damaged. Also i stay at a farm and only the postman comes to the correct address The others post the sorry your out card to the wrong farm! Royal mail post over 70 million items a DAY! That`s a 70 million to 1 chance of getting the mail correct everyday. so i understand that there will always be mistakes. As for ebay , yes they were great at 1st but the charges are way over the score. They have put the sellers in a corner i think with there many many charges many hidden!
  • Guybrush T.
    I agree with Gunther, agreeing with Smiff. "ok i’m exaggerating" Too right- you called them people! Not sure if they are chimps, retards or plain old hellspawn.
  • dunfyboy
    I've lost interest.
  • Worst B.
    [...] We would like to apologise again for yesterday’s cock-up which saw the voting scrapped shortly before noon after it was discovered that Barclays had mistakenly snuck into the draw instead of Royal Mail. Voting has been extended until noon today if you’d still like to join in. [...]
  • Plopp
    @stewart Your understanding of probability is first class.

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