Bricking it: Lego profits rise

LEGO LOGO Lego's profits rose 9% to 6.12 kroner (that's a whopping £673 million to you) last year.

The legendary Danish toymaker has been expanding its appeal beyond the bricks and mini-figures, and recently released the amazing The Lego Movie, which has taken $183 million at the box office since it's release four weeks ago.

The company also threw in for good measure, the news that it had recently hired 1,355 workers.

The market for the brick-based activity is increasing in China, whereas the markets in Europe and North America had weakened.

Lego is the world's second largest toymaker, behind Mattel, the maker of Barbie. Even philosophy loves Lego. In Sophie's World (a book that teaches you all about that stuff), it is referred to as "the most ingenious toy in the world." Hard to argue with that, seeing as you can make beautiful things with it... or a massive phallus. The possibilities are endless.

If you need a good excuse to go and see The Lego Movie, here's Batman's song from it.

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  • LegoBatman
    The Lego Movie. The longest Lego ad in the world. Flex, and indeed chill wit da 'erb.

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