Breastfeeding protest in sports chain

sportsdirect After Sports Direct got a bit iffy about a woman breastfeeding in one of their branches, 30 women showed their support by getting their tits out for the babes.

Mother of a breastfeeding baby, Wioletta Komar said she was forced to feed her baby outside in the rain after being told breastfeeding was against Sports Direct's company policy.

Nottinghamshire Breastfeeding Mums Network organised the mass "feed-in" protest at the store in Clumber Street, Nottingham.

Sports Direct declined to comment on this occasion. Perhaps they couldn't.

Leah Gibson, one of the organisers, had previously been told she could not breastfeed in the budget sportswear shoe shop.

"It was so upsetting and as a mother it's heartbreaking, when your baby is crying, not to be able to give your child what they need." She added: "It's not as if we go around with nipple tassels on shouting 'Oh, look at me!'. You sit on a chair and you feed your baby. You wouldn't really know that's what somebody was doing."

Sports Direct did not respond to Mrs Komar's complaint for three months, then sent her flowers after a story was published in the Nottingham Post.

"It is sad that I had to go to press and media to get an answer from them," said Mrs Kumar, 25, of Boston, Lincolnshire. "It was the way she spoke to me and her whole attitude - she was just so rude, and I felt so upset and embarrassed," said Mrs Komar, who has not breastfed in public since then. "I still feel depressed about it and can't forget about that bad experience."

"I can't understand why a baby has to be punished for being hungry and why I need to feel like a criminal when I just want to feed my baby son."

So there's a lesson there for us all. We think.


  • j
    I'm concerned that if she gets depressed from being treated like every other citizen, should she even be a mum? It's hardly an unavoidable situation. How about feed your baby before you leave? If it so happens you need to do it while out take 5 minutes out to go and do it somewhere private rather than in a public store? Carry a bottle with you so other innocent bystanders don't have to be shocked by the view? Or better still just get a puppy instead. Of course, you still won't be allowed to feed it in shops but at least its better than a kid and might help with your depression.
  • I
    Carry a bottle? You don't understand the concept of Breastfeeding do you? Shocked by the view?? Innocent bystanders? You're a strange person. It's simply not as easy as 'feed your baby before you leave', but obviously you have no kids (And I doubt any woman would want to procreate with someone so backward as you..) so you have no idea. Get back to your video games and leave the real world to those that live in it
  • jane h.
    J - the dark ages called and said they need you back pronto. Shocked by the view - hahahaha!! its not Victorian Britain. that has made me laugh my head off. I feed my baby one bottle at night and rest if breastfeeding. but you are ok about milk from a cow's udder that is likely suffering mastitis, 15% puss and was meant for a calf?? weird world I reckon you probs have underlying issues and should seek help
  • jane h.
    also read up on the EQUALITY ACT 2010. your comments contravene this.
  • A. T.
    I agree with I. It's only the objectification of women in some cultures that makes people confused about what breasts are there for.
  • loonloozler
    @ jane hampson- So cow milk is bad? what do breastfeeders move their babys on to once the well drys up? FYI at no point did J. say which type of milk was to be in the bottle it may have been formula.

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