Breaking news: DSGi emergency meetings, store restructuring

We've received a strong tip from a Bitterwallet source that DSGi is holding emergency meetings to put together a managerial and store restructuring before the financial new year.

The meetings yesterday had PC World regional managers called up to head office to receive the news. The regional managers face huge job cuts with an estimated half to lose their jobs. Business centre managers are also facing redundancy across the board and store managers may have to re-apply for their jobs.

Further there is a rumour that PC World and Currys stores within close proximity will be merged under a single General Manager instead of running independently. Could this be related to the Currys/PC World trial store now running in Surrey?

If anyone has more inside news on store closings or brand mergers please send us a tip: [email protected]


  • Bob M.
    Now they can hire proper tech guys. Just not from india
  • Mike H.
    "store managers may have to re-apply for their jobs" Best get your 'Records of Acheivment' out lads
  • Currysbod
    @Bob M: Did you mean that to sound particularly racist?
  • The B.
    Ah well, at the rate they were opening new, bigger and better superstores during the naughties something had to give.
  • chrisg
    @MyCock "Best get your ‘Records of Acheivment’ out lads" Genuine laugh out loud moment there.
  • Dave P.
    His spelling suggests he probably didn't receive his.
  • Mike H.
    Thanks Dave :) Got confused with the 'I' before 'E' except after 'C' shizzle, bollocks!
  • currys s.
    @Currysbod its not racist its true. the service desk call centre is based in bangalore which is in INDIA
  • blah
    Staff have known about these "emergency" talks for weeks, when dsgi comes out on top after the "recession" we will see who is literally laughing out loud boys.
  • Liddle m.
    @ blah - you seriously believe dsgi will "come out on top" after all of this? I applaud your optimism, but I wonder why you hope such a dreadful scenario? We consumers deserve better, and unless dsgi radically reform their business model then gone they shall be. And before the "How dare you! What about people's jobs?!" comments arrive, wouldn't it ultimately be a good thing for them too? A better company will fill the gap that is left; hopefully a company that treats its consumers AND its staff with respect.
  • Ducky
    Genuine laughing at Mike from me too. =D
  • PC B.
    There has been a lot of updates on the company Intranet over the last week or so about top-level managerial changes, but this is the first I've heard of about changes at the regional and local level.
  • LDR
    The Indian situation was at least cheaper - after all, why pay 6x more for the tripe they take on in UK? My grandma (gold bless her) could resolve issues faster than staff in the stores or on the hinderline 0870 901 3000. Wrap 'em up, close 'em down - this is one company I am genuinely glad to be suffering in the crunch - I hope all those staff can relocate to Bangalore (not their fault they're tripe - blame it on the upbringing)
  • Michael
    posted By Blah " when dsgi comes out on top after the “recession” we will see who is literally laughing out loud boys." Come out on top??? Unless DSGi starts respecting its customers and hiring slightly above 'village idiot' level for its shop floor it can expect to continue losing more business.
  • Amanda H.
    Is it Racist to want to speak to a person from your own country? I hope if someone in India has a problem with their Iphone, they also can speak to someone from their own country and not Daffyd from Llanddewi Brefi.
  • blah
    If you don't like it don't shop there..... simple. No-one is forcing you! And yeah they should treat the staff with more respect.... but so should the ccustomers that shop there... Do you really think we need to be told by customers every 5 minutes "you have no staff" do you REALLY think that you telling a customer advisor that and bitching about the tech guys will change that? SERIOUSLY? Do you think that by being low staffed we are not stressed enough without your bitching? My GM told me about it PC World bloke i didnt read it on cool.
  • Mike H.
    I actually love PC world, it'll be a shame if they go under
  • Blah 2.
    Ref: Blah, I am with you on that. I am an Assistant Manager at a PC World where we are 5 full-timers under where we were before Xmas. Yep people have a choice, but with the 100k KPI's we have to hit it's becoming a problem. If people get p****d off then don't shop there. Am I worried about my job - yes, am I worried about everyone else's job - Yes. So thanks for the people that are saying about time or can't wait to see DSGi go I really do hope you can get some reality pills. And just wait for the people to say Norton this and Norton that. If you had a company wanting you to flog their product and every time you sold one you get £1 - wouldn't ypu???? Yep DSGi isn't a great company, and I really do feel in a few years time that the company will of changed. Just give it time. I too heard this from my GM a few days ago.
  • Numpty
    I'm a ex- DSGi computer engineer, I was booted when they first announced cuts in april/may 2008. The call centre is actually based in Nottingham, where there happens to be a large Asian community... however, as any member of DSGi brands would tell you, they employ idiots to work in these call centres with no skills with regards anything they deal with, ie, the comp techs, aint trained computer engineers. One of the biggest problems DSGi have is the fact that they focused on what they call "box services" and "attachments" to product. Basically, there is'nt much money in selling a product purely for cash price. At one time, and so I believe to be the case now, they have too much stock and product line, for example, they have too many computing equipment within the company, which must items, they make a loss on if sold on their own. This is were box services and attachments come into play. A box service would be for example, "Tech friend" or "set up your ipod in your car". These are basically 85% profit services for the company. Attachments are items bought along side the equipment your buying. This would be a classic case of buying a laptop, and then being asked if you would like a office or antivirus package, this is where they make must of the profit from the sale. Other money making area's are finance packages, they do their own package "EasiPlan" or cheesyplan as staff call it. They make the most money out this package then standard, buy now pay latyer schemes etc.. and then we have the "extra warranty" services, which are money for a bit of paper if you never claim on them. All is well, and they can make money if all the above is sold within a standard sale, but when you have a reputation for selling a USB2 cable for £14.99 when the post office sell the same thing for £1.99, and you have consumer groups like "which" recommending people to stay away from extended warrantys, your business model falls to bits and start to lose money..
  • Liddle m.
    "If you don’t like it don’t shop there….. simple. No-one is forcing you!" ( Blah ) ... you might have surmised from our comments that we have already stopped shopping there! It's the less discerning consumers that I'm worried about...
  • Storm
    Been hearing about this for a while. I know they were re-interviewing managers that are at stores which are about to undergo transforamtion as part of their winning new revenues nonsense. They basically were forcing people to re-apply for the same job at the same place. What a time wasting exercise. They are deep in sh*t regardless of what statements they release. There are rumours going around that stores may close earlier or open later because they don't have enough customers walking through. Come on chaps, put on your best boots and pull the horses up outside Hemel...
  • Jim P.
    Why does the word 'racist' get thrown about as soon as you innocently state that you would rather not speak to another country??? Where is the malice in that? EXPLAIN!!! Its people 'Currysbod' that give the political correctness [email protected] more fuel and more power. So Currysbod, please explain where the racism is? ([email protected]).
  • Joe B.
    The only reason I want PC world to stay is so I can (ab)use their price "promise" (what a load of bollocks). Recently I got a printer they were selling for £156 for only £83.
  • JPC
    Joe at least they honour the price promise for you. I was recently told that they won't honour the price promise becuase there needs to be a Comet on the same retail park. If I want a price match I should go to the PCworld on the same retail park as the Comet. How stupid od they think I am? I would rather just go to the Comet if I wanted to travel that far. Good riddance to them
  • Kevin
    Surely if they are making staff reapply for their own jobs it means they're looking for a way to fire them without needing to pay redundency benefits etc? I think merging the stores is a very good idea, that's the way to make it work (although there will still be loads of big empty stores next to the newly merged stores which will just act as a reminder). Why wouldn't people moan to the staff there is if theres not enough floor staff, or not enough Tech people? If a service is advertised then you expect it to be there. It's not the customers fault if local conditions have meant the service isn't available.
  • Numpty
    In a lot of the Curry's superstores they have asked staff to reduce working hrs. I also heard from a currant DSGi engineer that under their techguy brand that they have adjusted pay for their external engineers. They have had to re-apply for thier jobs. In the northwest, there were about 350 engineers, and only about 150 of them re-applyed. I was told they would be advertising for jobs because of this nearer to xmas just gone, and alas, the job centre site was blitzed for positions. Asking staff to reduce hrs to save jobs is the first nail in a coffin for a struggling store/company.
  • Juan K.
    "I also heard from a currant DSGi engineer that under their techguy brand that they have adjusted pay for their external engineers. " I guess they aren't raisin' his pay, old fruit? (Desparately tries to think of Sultana pun)
  • Ian
    "Best get your ‘Records of Acheivment’ out lads" A proper belly laugh out loud! This one line has brightened up my otherwise dull day! And not even spelt right. Priceless!!
  • ShutYoMouth
    The staff at DSGI hate it more than any of u tossers that doesnt mean we want it to go under. if it does u wont have as much choice on the market. and if dsgi go manufacturers will have less demand so they will go under .. then the other companies will. we are in a recesion, dont wish people out of the jobs. blame the fu**ing banks and the damn goverment oh and by the way bitterwallet i work for dsgi and you guys are always like a week behind the 'breaking news' that we get in our mornin breifing haha
  • Paul N.
    Send us a poke next time ShutYoMouth so we can be quicker :) [email protected]
  • twilight
    “Best get your ‘Records of Acheivment’ out lads” "A proper belly laugh out loud! This one line has brightened up my otherwise dull day! And not even spelt right. Priceless!!" Hear Hear. The way you guys crack me up is actually literally unprecedented.
  • ShutYoMouth
    If there wasnt mile long ques at the job centre id be lookin for sumit new, im full time (part time contract though, well dont dsgi) . we have targets that arent worth F**k all to us cos we dont make any money off them personaly no doubt the big dogs in head office do. Im sick of basing my day around sellin mobile broadband, and premium time slots and norton! ill say this much though .. What ever happens is worth it if u know what ur doin with it! Hours in store have been cut, but this happens every year just b4 the finacial yr is up .. its cos the company over spends through out the yr we wont know how much we have been affected till the new yr! It did make me laugh recently when 1 of the statements from the big shots said "dont worry we have pleanty of money behind us and your jobs are safe, its just media speculation" haha Give me a job bitterwallet unlike some dsgi employees i know what im doing!
  • Apollo
    Out of interest, how much does an Assistant Manager and Store Manager in PC World earn? I know they have a reputation in the UK for having more managers and this would explain why the cuts are at those levels. I feel for those who are at risk of losing their jobs, although they have a reputation for terrible service there are some good folks in the business, and I wouldn't wish anyone out of work. However DSG as an organisation is one I would always avoid spending any money with, I just don't like the company so I choose for my money to go other places.
  • CometMan
    Working for the main competition - I'd like to say that DSGI going under is no benefit to anyone... including us! Firstly, no one wants to see thousands of staff made redundant Secondly, this is not in the consumers interest - if DSGI vanish you can bet anything that Comet will put their prices up to start making more money on profit margin from products (rather than services) - do you want to pay more? Comet made some cuts last year including getting rid of Deputy Managers and non-essential head office staff (along with more essential engineers) - this was done to safeguard our future as members of staff... the result of which was a cracking xmas with nice bonus for us to take home. The restructuring of DSGI is vital for them to survive... and survive they probably should
  • Paul N.
    With Best Buy moving in there shouldn't be many concerns about competition. Comet and DSGi stores have not exactly been battling it out with prices... I don't think dsgi will go under however I do predict that we will see the brands merge with many redundancies and belt-tightening. Having a single brand and focus will help them keep their corner in the UK market.
  • Jez B.
    BREAKING NEWS I work for DSGI and I can tell you that we are recruiting at the moment, we have had a great Christmas and this message is rubbish written by the same people who want all succesfull business to fail, oh my ... "look at those Managers at PC World they should go under because they have to queue 20 customers at a time during busy periods" - that seems like an in demand business to me. Anyway here's to a succesful DSGI, the business has always fought well in times of financial worry, and it is headed up by a very talented man, John Browett, you just sit back and watch people. I'm sure you'll find something to wibble about, but who cares? BTW your speculation is rubbish, I know what is happening and you're (somewhat) a mile from the mark Peace
  • Paul N.
    The other DSGi employees on here aren't singing the same song Jez Butt... better check the intranet. Even DSGi publicly announced like-for-like sales down 10% over Christmas - how is that a great Christmas? As I said I think DSGi will survive - there's just going to be some big changes.
  • CometMan
    Yes, very strange Jez Butt... even our local PC World Manager has told us all about this a few weeks back....
  • dsg s.
    @Jez Butt what are you on about fool. 3 years ago shares £14 two months ago 6p. Sir stanley must be spitting feathers at the way his business has been handled
  • ShutYoMouth
    Wow Jez Butt if u guys are hirin i might apply cos i dont think my store will be open much longer ha. As a company we are surviving for now. We havnt gone bust. We're not rolling in the cash. Get over it!
  • Blah 2.
    Jez If your a mile from the mark then 1) Why am I 5 under staffing levels and not allowed to recruit? 2) Why is my forum rep been summonsed for a meeting tomorrow. 3) Read on COOL tonight about cutting costs Wake up mate something is happening!
  • Bob
    I'd hardly thing DSGi will go bust, they've a £400million credit line to draw on for 'difficult' times! That said any non-essential retailer not cutting costs and staff is living in a dream world! If they think they'll just 'ride out' the down turn they'll be in for a big shock soon. Best of luck DSG, I'd miss being able to look at the qualitly of the products you sell, before purchasing online elsewhere for 10-40% less!
  • ex p.
    time will tell whether dsgi will go under, i think currys and pcw will merge, pcw business centres will close and business managers made redunant as dsgi have not moved with the times with pcwb, dsgi need a reality check and move with the times and give the customer what they want and at realistic price. they have too many stores opened market is now saturated, give me a reason why i should buy with dsgi when i can get the same item cheaper at tescos asda or amazon, its just as easy to shop for a laptop whilst getting your weekly shopping all under one roof more often than not comet, asda and amazon have the new products for sale long before pcw have it and at a better price too RIP DSGI you didnt move with the times fast enough, and in come Best Buys to revolutionise the market in the uk
  • 38 k.
    All of these people that have met some one that does not know what they are talking about that works for DSGI I feel sorry for. But what annoys the living daylights out of me is that you are so numb minded that you think everyone that works for the company is the same!!! WRONG.. Some of us make a point in being the best at what we do and specialising in certain areas in the store. DON'T Tar everyone with the same brush. DSGI will come out fighting strong at the end of the recession with the best left intact.
  • Jez B.
    DSGI will survive, maybe losing a few bits of deadwood along the way. Harse but true, @Blah 2 ; Forum reps have been called in to a meeting tommorow because there is going to be a restructure, this happenend seven years ago (if you were around then to remember) and it's common practice in the business for that to happen. I know that some changes are going to be announced to some of us on Friday. I don't need to wake up! support the business that pays your wages, you have a choice if you want to work there or not, like customers have a choice if they want to shop there or not! People who are quoted on here saying 'high prices' and "poor service" are entitled to that opinion, but my store gives exceptional service and ensures we give our guests the best price, as most people need help I cannot think of a better PC environment than PC World. Yes you can buy your beans with a laptop in a supermarket, but what happens when it goes wrong? you (!) maybe able to fix it, but the majority of people out there haven't got a clue, and PC World are able to, and can, HELP! in fact I deal with people who have come to my store for help after being 'turned away' by other retailers when they have asked for assistance. It's all too easy to put down PC World, if you can use the computer in the first place, oh and the share price, yes it's down to 28p (last time i looked) and yes they were £14 a few years ago, but again, your facts are wrong. The company split it's options four ways and allowed a dividend payment on the back of it, so the true comparison would be £3.50 a share a few years ago to now, and that included FREESERVE, a service that has, in it's own way, transformed the way YOU pay for the internet. so, in a lot of ways, the share price was massively overstated with the dot com boom (like a number of other business') Yes it's low at the moment, but ... wait ... so is every other retail stock outside the foodies. Grow up readers, the future beckons .... xx
  • PC B.
    @ Jez Butt, "...but my store gives exceptional service and ensures we give our guests the best price..." £14.99 for a 1.8m USB Cable @ PCW. £2.40 for a 1.8m USB Cable @ Hardly the best price at PC World don't ya think? I think if DSGi really shake things up, reduce the amount of managers, and use that money to pay for more advisors on the shop-floor, they'll be able to come out of this recession with a fighting chance against Best Buy. We need advisors who are trained in a specific area in the store (it's unreasonable to ask someone on minimum wage to have expert knowledge on every product area in the store), who are experts in that area so when guests come in-store with a question, they can go to the section they are interested in, and speak to someone who knows what they are talking about. For example you would have a expert on Gaming, Photography, Networking, pretty much every area of the store. These advisors should also be paid a bonus based on individual mystery shop's (scrapping 'One Team Bank'), so that if a advisor provides excellent service to a guest, they are paid a bonus directly into their wage, giving the guys on the shop-floor a incentive to provide great service.
  • Jez B.
    I'm guessing your a CA? Reducing Managers will not bring about a bag of money to pile back into shopfloor staff! Get real. Experts in every area? do you know about the superb training site on COOL? you can get what you need from there! and why should individuals be paid more for doing their job? As I stated before, you have a choice in life if you work for PCW or not, if you don't like the pay or conditions, go look for something else (there's not alot out there) now stop whining and go and do your job. The pop at the USB cable is ridiculous, it's all about balancing margin, which you would know if you were better informed.
  • Jez B.
    As a foot note to your scrapping one team bank, I think you'll find that it was! about 3 weeks ago! So i recommend you spend more time on COOL than on 'conspirary' sites like this, I only came on because of the headline, and I'll be happy to never visit here again
  • Paul N.
    If you're a PC World manager Jez Butt with that attitude and those blinkers then god help us all :) As said though - if you've got the inside scoop on what's happening please let us know and we're happy to put it up. There's no conspiracy here, we're just saying what we hear.
  • Blah 2.
    All hail Jez Butt. Blimey, as I have only been with PC World for a couple of years, I can see with managers like you why the comments above are so true. If you know more than whats on here why not let us know? I am not saying I am a great Manager, but with the 'old school' managers are soooooooo far up their own arse I can see where you fit in. Please tell all, or do we have to wait until the end of the day when the forum meeting has finished to find out the real truth.
  • daveiw
    Like the guy said if you don't like then don't shop there. I work in a competitor to DSGi but still don't wish redindancy on anyone. these are tough enough times so remember whoever you are it could be you next (unless you work as a pawnbroker or ploiceman). If they go then less choice for us all.
  • dsg s.
    I worked for DSG for 16 years and was there when FREESERVE made the company bucket loads. The problem now is the management in stores. I have worked in various stores over the years and worked with dozens of management, some good some bad. The problem is the "old school" type who are happy getting there £35-50k supping coffee in the office letting a management designate RUN the shopfloor on £17k with no repsect from sales staff and telling support staff how to do there jobs when they have no real clue as to the workings of the company. Hiding behind a balance score card, giving more responsibility to a 17 sales kid who already has way too much to do and paid very little to do it. I would say it is managing on the cheap but it isnt as there are way too many freeloaders draining cash and giving little back.
  • tech l.
    *** just heard *** PC World will start to merge the first 50 stores with Currys. staff to be offered chance to apply for tech guys roles
  • Paul N.
    Do you have any more info/details on that? If anyone is getting info out of the meetings today please let us know [email protected] Thanks!!
  • flying d.
    A few more thoughts from within a PCWorld store. Overpriced USB cables? Rubbish, offcourse you will find things alot cheaper on the net, but I personally walk many customers over to our cables or inks every day. Then help them choose the right one even when they don't remember what printer they bought from us 3 years ago! Where do you get that on the net or in Tescos. We are a retailer and have to make some money too and it certainly does not come out of the hardware we sell. Yes a real expert conversation is often hard to find and I am lucky that in my team I have some very clued up staff in most areas. What the real experts whom so often have a go at DSGi forget is that the majority of our customers don't know what they need, want or where to find it or even what they are going to do with it or how to solve their software issues. I believe my team does a great job for those customers at a good price. Where we fail is in the archaic layout of our old stores, poor distribution and after sales service and the way we often treat ourselves (Currys v PCWorld) as our greatest competitor. A lot of this is changing under JBrowlett and hopefully just in time. In a way this recession is the ideal time to force all the necessary change through and DSGi will come through leaner and much better equiped for the 21st century.
  • PC W.
    *IF* PC World goes under, myself, my husband and 3 children will lose everything, including our house. You people are laughing at this? In today's economic climate, what on earth will the bread-winner of the house do? Get another job? WHERE? OH, and FYI... I've seen the figures myself, PC World is not making as much profit as it used to, BUT PC World is still a profitable company... It's the European stores that's bringing the group's (DSGi's) figures down. My husband hates having to deal with other stores (ie comet) because their customer service is 10x worse. He is an Asst Manager there, and common sense prevails, if you go in and blow your top from the off, of course he's not going to bend over backwards to try and help you, knowing he'll get a bo*****ng off his manager because the stores returns figures are too high... PC World employees (well mostly, I agree they employ too many spotty teenagers who haven't a clue!) are real people with lives too... My husband happens to actually be someone who knows what he's talking about. Shame on you for wishing people to lose their jobs and their homes!!!!!!
  • Chairman
    PC World-Wifey; this is for you:
  • tom g. Just to correct PC World-Wifey Some of PC World is profitable some isn't !!!! As a whole DSGi is NOT PROFITABLE. Anyone who had vision would of jumped the ship 12 months ago - we all did!!!
  • Numpty
    Most of the recent training DSGi's curry staff had to do was called "five's" training. This comes under their last report about re-training staff as well as doing the new format stores etc.. Reviewing this training made me chuckle, as part of "customer journey" was abouting handing a product to the customer using both hands.. I can really see myself going back to a store because they handed my product to me with with both hands!! Reading some of these posts on here by currant DSGi employee's just goes to show how company brainwashing works. Maybe DSGi will go under, maybe they won't, I have many friends who still work there and I wouldnt like anyone, no matter who it is, to lose their jobs. But must of them must face face facts that there will be a lot of job cuts at store level. When they merge some of the superstore pc worlds and currys, they won't be able to keep both sets of staff on from both stores... does it this mean they will axe 50% of staff from the superstores they merge?
  • tying e.
    your speculaton is funny.... your sources unknown.... what business would not want to streamline and prepare for the tough year ahead. Frankly it has to be some rather than all....... but wait for the OFFICIAL announcements like the rest of us instead of worrying employees of EUROPES LARGEST ELECTRICAL RETAILER. oh one last thing :- DSGI is cash rich, unlike KESA who are living on (limited) credit, so go fuel some specualtion about Comet....
  • I M.
    You lot don't want DSGI to go under. What else would you talk about? They are a multi-national company, get over it. They want to make money just like everybody else but they still employ real people who need to pay the bills. You gotta work somewhere and at the moment even DSGI is better than signing on. I take it you lot are either completly loaded or are in a profession which is recession proof.
  • 38 k.
    Share prices have more than doubled in 5 weeks, The city must have some faith in DSGI!
  • Paul N.
    tying up your loose ends - The article is not speculation. Go read your intranet.
  • PC W.
    Actually, Tom Barry, you didn't correct me at all. DSGi as a whole, has made a loss. However, PC World, as a company seperate to DSGi has made a profit! I'm not saying that every store is making a profit (my husband's is) but PC World is still a profitable business. But similarly, like-for-like sales is actually UP on previous years. It is margins that are down. They are still "box shifting" just as much or even more than they used to, there is just a much tighter profit margin to work with. And chairman - I hope you're sitting nice and comfy up there, looking down at us mere mortals. However, should DSGi actually go bust (which isn't going to happen soon, lets face it, they do have reserves and are merely shifting and re-organising) it is all the employees that will have the last laugh, eating up your nicely paid income tax by claiming government benefits!
  • Some interesting times ahead for us managers. There is emergency meeting being held today with GM's and SGM's, hopefully off the back of that we will gain more information as to where we stand going forward. I pretty new to the management position, lets hope they don't work on a "last in, first out" policy. Reducing the amount of managers would not be a great idea at all, that money, as Jez stated, would just come off your FTE instead of being pumped back in... also in some of the smaller branches, losing a manager would put massive amounts of stress and workload onto those remaining. FTE will be cut I believe, its the unfortunate reprecusion of a reccession. Stores will trade down and stock will be tight, but I believe we will ride it through and many will remain in work. Its just nasty that some of us will have to take the punch while others remain untouched. Good luck to all employed with PCW for the times ahead.
  • Breaking B.
    [...] to restructure the management of its PC World stores. We mentioned that regional and store managers faced heavy redundancies, and that the prospect of PC World and Currys being merged into one store looked ever more [...]
  • Random U.
    I can tell you the simple fact is that while there is plenty of training on selling there is never much on the actual products they sell which with the fast moving market means you need an interest in PCs etc like I do to actually know what you are talking about. Thee is no doubt there are some radical changes coming and quite honestly I've little doubt these changes are required, with John Browett in charge I suspect they will happen fast. If you want top service then quite frankly go in there knowing your stuff, as in the facts not the fiction that people tend to dream up.
  • offended U.
    Just a quick one Its nice to see so many of you out there think so highly of us Techguys. sorry to disappoint, but im not asian, or based in bangalore, im english, and work in the UK. Our customer contact centre is in SHEFFIELD (england) not UK. DONT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS THAT THE CALL CENTRE IS IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY JUST COZ YOU SPOKE TO A BRITISH ASIAN PERSON WHO WORKS IN SHEFFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO there seems to be a lot of racism in the above posts, and while its easy for you to slag off the hard working staff of PC world and Currys, you forget (especially those of you who labelled us as "rude" ) that the rudest most abusive people who come into our stores every day are members of the general public, who seem hellbent on getting their kicks by abusing people who dont get paid enough to put up with that. How would you like it if i came into your work everyday just to be abusive (for the hell of it!), then came on here to comment about how bad you are at doing your job, and tell you that i hope your company closes so a better one can take its place?!!!!!!!!!!!!! DSGI isnt perfect but there are too many of you who seeem to take delight in the fact that many thousands of our staff might find themselves unemployed. (as long as a "better" retailer comes along in the aftermath tho eh?)
  • British B.
    Lets here from some one who actually attended a meeting, According to those who attended all will be revealed on monday. They are sworn to silence . If they are gonna chop jobs , where are the chops gonna fall ? Until someone who knows the truth post on here I guess its all bull that will just get staff worried over the weekend. Lets here the truth , not just speculation !
  • Come on, there must be someone who was at one of these meetings who has the balls to share with us before Monday! It would realy help me enjoy my weekend alot better knowing wether I am going to have a job or not!
  • xinebessa
    how anonymous are the posts on this site ?
  • Oh a.
    Having gone thru the last management restructure 7 years ago, I dread monday morning. It seems that the present 15 ckuster set up will be reduced back to 10 regions. Business centres will close with the BSA's moving into the general populase. Not hard to predict considering Business Peak supposed to start in 2 weeks and all business centre meetings have been cancelled ongoing. All A.M.s and BSM's are to be invited to re-apply for their existing roles, but will be redesignated as Deputy Managers to avoid the need to pay redundancy. Yet again the General Managers, the ones who sit the office all day with their spreadsheets and flow charts avoid the pain and heartache associated with this "CONSULTATION PERIOD" Cost cutting in place.....can't even afford to send post recorded delivery anymore. Not allowed to even buy a pint of milk for the morning cuppa. No newspapers anymore so we have to rely on COOL system for our competitor reports. Going downhill rapidly. On a positive note [email protected] can't think of anything positive.
  • British B.
    Very annonymous, so nothing to worry about. Just post the info you have got, if its the truth
  • worried m.
    i heard something like this as i know my gm is getting booted soon this makes sense i am concerned however for the staff who are going to loose out. like always remember the bolloks about the lets give the customers the benefit of no commision for the staff bolloks that was deisel for big stans boat more like . so as all us guys at pc world know here it is again take in the a** from the dsgi "the double standards group international" and we thought that it could not get any worse welcome to the real dsgi they have no respect for either the staff who are not motivated in the work place at all and the customer who without them we would not have a company them good luck guys in finding a position in another job role during this ressetion hope i can still manage to pay my mortgage.
  • Bladesman
  • Bladesman
  • collegue
    Well there isnt 200 pc world stores so........ erm............. LIAR!
  • Oh a.
    So how does re-applying for your position, in any store, with no travel expenses grab you? Drive 45 miles each way to work and get nought back? Sound like the DSGI way to you? Or how about 45 day consultation period......Online test.......3 Consultations with your GM, and then to cap it all a structured interview with your GM and SGM Oh goody if I haven't got enuf to worry about trying to juggle the 20 odd KPI's each day brings. John Browett, if you read this, Once again you are getting rid of the wrong people. The AM/BSM population work the hardest, take more shit and get less of the rewards than the GM's. TO all CA's and CE's who read this, we do appreciate your efforts even if we never take the time to do a SPEEDNOTE or give you some SOULFOOD!!!! Stop twating around with gimmicks and sack the Academy managers, save the company over £1million each year just by that one measure.
  • Sara L.
    We will know tomorrow , but as a BSM I am starting to feel a little nervous!! Why does our company insist on spending money on stuff that really doesn't help us, FIVES, for a start most of our colleagues are really finding it difficult to use, constant price changes that take our colleagues away from the shopfloor and talking to customers, what a waste of our most valuable resource, staff cutbacks, we rarely have more than 5/6 colleagues in our store, 1 for the tills, 2 for clinic, 1 for warehouse, 1 BSA and 1 on shopfloor, back door bell rings and we are in a fix. if we have more than 3 guests in store we have to queue them. Why are we selling TVs we have Currys for that, why do we not concentrate on what we are good at, PCs Laptops, peripherals and componants, as PC World we should sell the best and most varied ranges of these products thats why our guests come into our stores, instead of getting a great level of service, with colleagues that are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, they are being asked what they loved about their old machine! and why are they buying a new one! no wonder they think our staff are less than well informed! Closing Business Centres and sacking managers won't fix the most basic problems we have. We need to have good quality stock, competitively priced, colleagues who can give good basic information and who do not feel completely stressed out as soon as they get to work. and managers who are competent and care about the business.
  • Bladesman
    With all the talk on here about the new directions the company is taking the biggest issue we all agree is the attitude of some of the existing staff i was a manager and we went through "Recuitment Bans" Whilst i was still there..... What i would like to know is what happens at the moment, if you folLow the IPI (its not anout sacking people) process and some one gets to the "Au Revoir" stage, DO YOU GET THE BUDGET TO SPEND ON RECUITMENT?? I know in my day and i only left in August the answer was always a blanket NO!!We have a recruitment ban and we cannot make exceptions for anyone!!! ...............There you go wrestle with your conscience and make a decision keep the numbers or reduce them putting additional stress and strain on the good guys!! I wonder how it is today?????? I THINK THERE IS NO bUDGET SO COME ON MANAGERS WHAT YOU GONNA DO MAKE THE RIGHT DESCISION, NATIONALLY THE WHOLE GROUP HAS LESS THAN 80 VACANCIES ON THE WENSITE AND MOST OF THEM ARE EITHER OLD ONES NOT TAKEN OFF OR ILLEGAL DUE TO SALARIES BEING OFFERED BELOW THE NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE??? CHECK IT OUT AND YOU DECIDE!
  • Bladesman
  • Annoymous c.
    ^^ Right on Sara! Head office need to listen to the staff a little more. There are plenty of us that care about the company and know how to make it work. It is frustrating having invested so much time and effort into the company to see some of the things they are doing. DSGI acts like a monopoly because they are no other stores like PC world, Comet is competitive but not much. The trouble is the company acts like a dinosaur when really we have a great opportunity to do something great. The company doesn't innovate, it tries to get by on the fact that it's just there. But the internet and computer availability from other non specialist retailers are taking our trade, simply because although we are meant to be a specialist retailer, there is nothing special about us or the way the company is run. The winning new revenue stores are nice, but not that great, just exactly what they should have been in the first place and in some cases how the stores where a couple of years ago, things have just been left to slide for too long without an investment into anything meaningful. When John took charge, he talked about Customer service being important, what has he done to improve customer service!? All I see are cut backs which are hurting customers i.e external tech guys, the service from them gets worse everyday. And not because any of them are no good, every single one of the official tech guys I have talked to are great, it's because of cut backs and agency staff having to be used all the time!
  • Sara L.
    I wish HO would listen to staff, but when have they ever asked our opinion, some years ago I was part of a forum called,(I think, it was a long time ago)Being the Best, we were asked about all areas of the business, what worked, what didn't, what would we do differently and so on, there were some great ideas and suggestions, and almost universally our frustrations were the same, did anything change? you know the answer to that one!If John Browett would come into stores and talk honestly to all staff, managers, colleagues, technicians and really take on board how people feel about the business, for the most part, despite the sometimes bitter comments on sites like this, most people working for DSGi want the company to succeed, and enjoy working in the stores, but we want to be great at what we do, and we want to have great products, and knowledge about those products, we want to have enough staff to give our guests a great customer experience, we want to give great customer service and great after sales care, but we can't because we don't have the resourses to do so. Whatever happens tomorrow will not change that, in fact it could harm what we do have, if there are to be job losses then morale will almost certainly fall, and if we can not deliver now, we certainly won't be able to when the "don't give s**t attitude kicks in. Remember that old TV programme where the "big" bosses went back to the shopfloor, thats what needs to happen, let them see it how it is, instead of telling us, this is how it should be"
  • Sacrificial L.
    They Think by getting rid of managers and Business centres that all will be well.They should look more closely at headoffice ,spending thousands on shitty product lines over stocking shelves with multiple lines and addressing the wage and training issues as this has been shite and pushed down everyones throught forever changing and confusing people.We are all worrying about our jobs and how we are going to break the news to our families and loved ones,that we are going to have to sell up and live in a caravan.Pcworld has failed both its staff and customers for many years.As someone pointed out GM;s sit in their offices on there arses and stuff the shopfloor.they rely on their managers and staff to pull in the sales and deal with all the should be the GM’s who go 1st. Ive worked for the company now for more than 10 years and stood by whilst watching the demise of itself.We all do a great job in helping customers even the bad ones and have lots of customers who we call freinds.We are a family and most of my collegues are my freinds.If iam to loose my job for the company for not looking after the interests of its staff or customers, than all i can say is Go F**k yourself and bring on Best Buy.Oh and when they do come later on in the year watch this space for more redundancies becuase as british people we let the system win and let the americans walk all over us just like best buy will do with their branding and cheap imports and better staff morale and training.Im affraid like most mangers and staff and i simpathise with the customers whos expense this will be at with poorer customer service and less staff to serve them.I would like to wish everyone Good luck tommorrow and hopefully there are no casualties.the people who deserve a job will always be the ones in the firing line due to their own outspoken thoughts the people who wish to better themselves and Pcworld.but the ones who stay quiet are the ones who do the most damage as they sit by and watch it tumble into ruin.My mistake is staying with pcworld and being a loyal memeber of staff then a manager.we all disagree about dsgi’s policies sometimes and mostly are right but the middle management dont help by protecting their own sorry arses and stuffing the minimun wage collegue.were just bums on seat to them a number someone hwo they can wipe their arse with.I love working for pcworld and im about to loose my job not for being a decent employee but for the mistakes of middle and upper loose my 10 years knowledge and many others like me is to loose the fabric of pcworld.Retail is a hard and harshe enviroment especilly in the current climate.but we dont go chopping into the fabric we trim in but pcworld dosent want to do that they want to ruin whats left of it and get rid of staff and managers who have supported them though out the bad times and good times made them money and been nice to the horrible customers as well as being freinds to the nice ones.all we have done, has been for the company all we are is pcworld.but now like many others we are to be thrown onto the scap heap and left to rot and face a difficut financial ruin.this isnt just going to effect customers, pcworld, my collegues, but our familes partners and freinds.getting another job under this current climate is going to be impossible for some.Im sorry for the customers who will no longer be able to say hello to their freinds and hope that they look more closely at dsgi with open eyes and see that they dont care for their staff just themselves.If you dont have more that £300 to spend and a further £150 on accessories ie N.I.S 360,office, techfreind then your unwelcome and classed as poor.we shouldnt sell you something but send you to a competitor who will galdly take your measly £300.GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE TOMMORROW.
  • Sacrificial L.
    What ever happns tommorrow let the world know.Put your fears on here...They are listening...walls have ears and people need to know....!!!!
  • Oh a.
    Stay calm, wait and see.
  • Fred B.
    I work at PC World, I am not a manager but I do like and respect the managers I work with. I don't think its fair that they should be put in this position they do there best at least the ones in my store do. I think if they have to reapply for there jobs the rest of the staff will feel really unhappy. people will start to look for other jobs cos they will think that there next. Its hard enough sometimes when there arnt enough staff, and if all managers change, staff wont want to stay, I wonder whats most important to john browett, has he considered the implications of what this will do to store teams, idaelly what does he want his business to be like, cos if i were in his shoes i would want my staff to feel secure and want to work hard to make the shops better. i hope tomorrow the message is, youre in luck, happy?
  • Joanna
    Good Luck tomorrow, hope the worst doesn't happen and jobs are safe, I have only just found this forum, I wish I had seen it earlier, I am so worried about the future and I love my job, warts and all.At least tomorrow we should all know one way or another!
  • Oh a.
    a third of managers to be culled over the next 45 days. Good luck to all my friends and even those who don't like me. I wish i had the guts to say who i really am, but I need the job to put a roof over my families head.
  • storey
    All assistant manager s and business centre managers are to be put on 60 day consultation at 10 am tomorrow . Gm s and sgm s are also going thru the same process . The end result will be 1 assistant manager less per store that stays open . Gm s to manage 2 stores .
  • Someone c.
    Being a manager of PC World for the last 10 years I am gutted by the way I have been treated by this company. At the store I work at we are 12 people down by FTE, the GM tells me we are only 2 down, the GM is told to tell us AM's porkies by the SGM. Our SGM doesn't even visit us and when on the two occasions he has it has been to bollock the AM's and the GM. The GM's are really scared of telling the SGM the truth, at the weekends we have to queue the customers up as we don't have enough colleagues to look after them there and then, is this great customer service?. The heirarchy then want to know why our conversion rate is so low. People who want to spend their hardearned money want service now, not 30 mins later. Would you want to wait in a queue for that long sometimes longer to spend hundreds of pounds? The bods at head office want to spend sometime in stores and not in their castle away from real people. They need to see how hard the AM's and colleagues work. They want us to performace manage the colleagues and put them on IPI ( improvement performance indicators) and if they don't "buck up" ship them out. What they don't understand is that these are real people with real lives, families to look after or students doing a really hard job for pittance. If we did that the rest of the colleagues would have to work that much harder for the same pittance as we can't recruit and the knock on effect to our customers would be that they would have to wait that much more. We the people on the frontline ahve to take the flak, be stressed and take the garbage from the customers. The customers that we get (not all as there are some really nice people out there) come into the store ready for a fight, they think because they are customers can speak any way to us. Would these same people talk to you in a pub the same way? No chance cause they would get a fat lip. We do our best with what we have and if you don't like it PISS OFF and go somewhere else. Just dont understand these IDIOTS that come into the store and complain, people that are like that and are reading this PISS OFF leave us alone and go somewhere else, why are you whining on when you have a choice as to where you want to spend your money. It's because you haven't got a clue about technology and want us to help you and that's what we are good at and thats why you come to us, the other retailers havent the knowledge and they give you CRAP advise. I love my job and do my best and there is some great customers who understand our pain and support us and then there are the sad BASTARDS who have a sad life and think they will come to us, abuse us and make their day by talking down to us thinking they are better then us. Look the point I am trying to make is we all have choices, yours is go there to shop or don't, not rocket science. If the bods at head office read this, understand our pain on the frontline and spend one week doing what we do, I know you cant, so support us and make our jobs easier, give us extra staff so we could serve our customers with the service they deserve, bring back commission, when I was a sales man I would get 0.8% on my total sales, not even 1%, but I was happy to serve as many people I could and still give outstanding service. They would tell their friends and family and then they would tell theirs and so on. Give us a chance with what we have, we are like you all, HUMAN BEINGS, nothing more, nothing less, just there to help. God Bless you all.
  • D
    But its good to see you're not bitter.
  • Manager W.
    Hiya, it seems that the only people to read this are those that are now on 45 day consultation from John Browett who has been in the business for less than 2 years. Keith Jones didnt deliver yet he's in a better job. Losers anonymous have abviously employed those two. BestBuy will win. I agree with previous posts, instore we really do try and deliver the best service we can, but are stifled by the attachments which truthfully we are FORCED to deliver. PCP, Norton, Office, Get Connecteds, Servicecs. This isnt decent customer service. Its all about profit and selling our propistion to investors (the market). The asisstant manager poulation want to do their best but now we are faced with losing our livelihood to please the market. It wont be long before the Gm's go, so be carefull. As Currys merge with PCworld where rent prevails. Good Luck to you ALL.
  • CA n.
    so so, i decide to join the debate. I'm noone special. Just as CA (Customer Advisor) in PC World and i've got this nasty feeling that if it's found out who i am i could get the sack for posting here. Why is that? Well mostly as it seems recently that the company seem's to think that the best way to save money is to fire people, not paying their wages. No one seems to realise that without me customers dont get served and wont spend money, driving less of the business. I love my job and i love the people i work with, managers included but something has to give. Staff are being put on IPI for low sales and not selling the KPI's and i can understand this. At the end of the day we make our profit from those items. However we're a big store and we sell alot of things which are all profit rich. Some more than others granted but i cant understand why i'm given a hard time for selling McAfee over Norton. If the company is in as bad a state as it seems to be is it really a clever idea to badger our customers into buying specific items when we need to get all the sales we can? Now realistically alot of the KPI's are fantastic for instance. Norton 360 is actually very good and no worse than many of the other AV's out there. People that shout about AVG need to wake up. Have you used that programme lately? It sucks, you only like it cos it's free. And even then it's not even the whole protection suite you get free, otherwise AVG wouldn't have a paid for version. Anyway the point is, more stress to staff over KPI's just encourages more aggressive sales which will put alot of customers off. The buck doesn't stop with the CA's and more things need be done than just expect the sales floor to sell more. The problems come not from the range of brands, but of the range of stock types. For instance, why do we stock TV's? They take up alot of space instore, CA's generally aren't experts on selling them (i know what all the spec means but could i tell you all the nifty tricks like picture in picture that each of them do? No), Curry's has a better range anyway AND WORST OF ALL their much MUCH cheaper on Dixon's own website WHICH WE CAN'T MATCH! Sadly when i'm selling a TV i'm actually thinking about my office and norton targets and wishing i was selling a computer instead..... not great customer service...... I feel most of all for my managers as we're all only human, and to be uncertain about your job and it's furture is a horrible experience i'm sure. However i can understand the shake up. I can only hope it does the job it's intended to do. As much as i love my manangers our store doesn't need all of them. I just have my fingers crossed that when the dust has settled we're not left with poorly managed shop floors with slipping standards and staff having to take on more responsibilites their not trained to handle. Self motivation won't work and even now i still see CA's who take every oportunity to skive off work or give less than 100% to the role. These are the people that need to go, not the well trained and experienced management staff or business centre. Get rid of some of the part time teens and anyone who doesn't know a CPU from a VGA. I honestly hope this post doesn't come back to bite me in the arse, i'm not knocking PC World in anyway. Their seems to be alot of people complaining about poor experiences in their store and about how bad we are. Seriously though on a day to day basis out of the customer's i deal with i would say 2% of them i can imagine leaving the store and complaining. Mostly people are very happy with the items they bought, the prices they bought them for AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE I PROVIDED THEM. PC World has to remain competitive but also maintain a profit. That's why you see USB Cables for £15 but then you'll see Dell or Sony Laptops reduced by £200 if not more. If we discounted everything to make no moeny at all we would have gone out of business years ago. Which would have left gaps in the market for our competitors to charge any price they like and also meaning the customers that do need someone to spend some time and explain to them what they can do on a computer would have somewhere to shop rather than online. PC World has so much to offer, we just need to realise what's important. Mobile broadband contracts have been flying and why? Because unlike with other KPI's where it's a case of "sell it or else" a "non-brand specific" incentive has been laid down meaning customers get a good product, not forced into any particular brand and CA's come away feeling happy and ready to serve again as they know their increasing their wages. Even if it's a case of having lower hourly rates, this type of commision encourages CA's to perform and hopefully stop slacking driving the business. Plus with out having to chase down lazy colleauges our AM's could get around to improving the store, the buisness and the way everything is run. One last thing, have you noticed that alot of the store's look like ghost towns for stock? All i can say to this is, why do we have no routers, usb pens or TV tuners? Those which are margin rich and we sell ALOT of? However we're packed out with £50 bags no one wants and radom crap like paper clips that just sit on the shelves getting cheaper and cheaper. Stop stocking that rubbish. No one wants to buy it, we don't want to sell it. They cost money to buy and trasit to our stores when all that time money and effort could have been spent on the things people really want to buy. Systems like Eclipse, Maginus and Activate don't bloody help either. The money spent on Fives and bloody stupid tech sticks could have saved us alot of hassle if it was put towards better till systems. I know its not simple, nothing is black and white and their are always 2 sides to every argument and decision, but right now the way things are just aren't working and i really can't see how getting rid of anyone, let alone managers can help. We need those people because without them we have no one to serve customers. Anyway i've ranted enough. I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. Also i hope i don't get the sack (and if i do i'll be back to tell you all about it). Things are bad, but not terrible yet and aslong as our Upper Management are sensible we can get out of this slump. It's not just us. Recession IS on remember. Good luck to all of you Sorry this wan't in Five's language..... but not really Keep on trucking. CA no.69
  • CA n.
    Yes I aggree with CA no.69, a pleasure to read. Should have been longer....
  • Amanager
    I’m a manager at PC World and would like to set the record straight for those who feel justified at running PC World down and wishing the worse case scenario, be careful what you wish for. PC World offers the largest range of Laptops and Computers in the UK at competitive prices, we don’t make a fat lot of profit, and I admit some items like cable etc are ridiculously high, but you have a choice no one is forcing you to buy so stop bitching, if PC World goes under say good bye to the Quality £399 laptop, competitors prices will go through the roof. The companies philosophy is to exceed the customers expectations, we are human we make mistakes and when we do we put things right, yes I’m sure some people have had problems, when you return with a problem shouting and screaming how do you expect staff to react. I believe in good customer service and nothing matters more than pleasing our customers so don’t tar us all with the same brush, you pay my wages. But I’ll give you an example of the PC Worlds crap! A couple came in our store just after Christmas complaining that a laptop they had bought for their daughter was completely dead, they started with the usual abuse PC Worlds a load of crap and I was warned about buying one from you. I listened to this abuse for 10 minutes and calmly said to the customer, what would you like me to do, they wanted a refund, OK no problem I just need to test the laptop to find out what’s wrong before I process the refund, more abuse demanding a refund, so I explained to the customer I have to test the Laptop and justify the reason for the return on the system to be able to process the refund, I’m one of the few managers that has technical experience, I noticed some of the keys were sticking, so I removed the keyboard in front of them, as I suspected there was fluid under the keyboard, putting a finger in the fluid and tasting it, I calmly said to the customer, Coke Cola I believe, do you have PC Performance. No was the reply, they tried everything and argued that their little baby girl wouldn’t do anything like that. Just like the idiots who put lime wire on their system giving the world permission to access their PC in pursuit in illegal downloads then complain they have a virus, but of course it’s our fault. Believe it or not we have very few complaints and regularly get praise from customers about how well the staffs have served them. Please understand there are over 5000 products in our stores, specifications and products are constantly changing, yet you expect us to be experts in everything, we often get asked excuse me will this run on my computer, then when we ask what operating system they have they don’t know. The classic is, I need some cartridges for my printer, ok what printer do you have, it’s blue I bought it off you 2 years ago Doh! And of course when we don’t meet the customer expectations it’s, can I have your name, just shows the level of intelligence we get because our name is clearly printed on our badge. I have worked for the company for 10 years and have been a manager for the past 3, in this time I have enjoyed every minute. I have always been treated with respect and been given support when needed, I’m sure our directors have no desire to make anyone redundant, however they have a business to run and are under obligation to protect our share holders investment, restructuring and redundancies are inevitable. If I’m made redundant I run the risk of loosing my house and falling into debt, that said I’m not bitter, I understand something has to give if the company is to survive. The reason you have to re apply for your post is obvious; they want the best of the best and I hope I’m one of the lucky ones, if PC World and Currys merger it’s going to be a challenging and exciting career move, and if any of the existing staff can’t see that then perhaps you can save some jobs and resign, wake up and smell the roses. For the CA that doesn’t know the reason why we sell TV’s, you obviously haven’t had any training, but for the life of me I don’t know why, your development is your own responsibility and your given the tools on cool to learn, you also have a sales coach who is there to help you, have you ever bothered to ask the question. To explain we offer Services and Solutions, we are in a digital age and most of our competitors offer TV’s etc, we are the only high street retailer that I know that can supply and fit a complete home entertainment system with networking. For the future I wish all my colleagues and PC World good luck. I thank all our customers who continue to shop in PC World, On a final note for all the unhappy customer and those who choose to bitch, please treat our staff with respect before you go shouting your mouth off, we are human we make mistakes just try a calm approach you may be surprised. But life’s a bitch you just can’t please some people!
  • in-store T.
    Whilst we do have forums on the company intranet, they're for discussing technical matters and are moderated. It's a shame that management seem to have no desire to hear what the workers think would benefit the business - so hopefully they might learn something to PCW's advantage if they browse through the messages here. The in-store PC Clinics are basically a good thing and, as far as I know, unique. We can provide all sorts of useful services and give good technical advice. We acquired our technical knowledge largely through our fascination with the hardware and software and not because of training which is mostly sales based. Not all of us are experts with Linux or Mac OS but most of us know our way round TCP/IP and are confident enough to edit the Windows registry etc where necessary. There is a perception that the PC Clinic in the shop will provide all the after-sales service that a customer needs, and this is not discouraged by upper management. No doubt it helps to sell PC Performance. Customers cannot fail to notice the huge signs saying such things as "We service and repair all makes" although this is contradicted by a list of makes we do not service and repair in the laptop workshop. This perception that the in-store techguys will fix customers' problems under 1st year warranty or PCP causes stress to customers and technicians. Day after day customers bring their laptops or desktops into the store only to be told to take their machine home again and to phone the repair line. Customers are stressed because they may have traveled a long way for nothing. "What am I paying this £9 a month for?" says the customer at the head of the queue. It's embarrassing for everyone. The returns policy needs clarification to customers and everyone else. Pallet loads of returned WiFi kit must be languishing at Stevenage because users couldn't get their head round such nebulous concepts as router settings. We take it back when most likely it's not faulty at all. As far as customers are concerned it's to their advantage. Just try buying an ADSL Modem Router online and getting a refund because you can't work it. Technicians feel as if they are working in a goldfish bowl. The curved perspex partition just behind the counter adds to the impression. We could be attempting to recover valuable data, maybe years of photos that were never backed up, or important business documents scattered across a broken multi-user Windows system - only to be interrupted by a casual browser at the counter with a query about an ink cartridge. Constant interruptions can lead to mistakes by techs who are likely engaged on several jobs at once due to the "please wait" nature of the bloated operating systems and software. But we do our best and take pride in our work. As for those customers or non-customers who make scathing remarks about PC World's prices - if you want to actually see and touch the products you want then the reality is we've got them ready to take away. Sure you can get them online but by the time you add the shipping cost (and maybe VAT) is it really worth it? You might come home to find that the courier has left a card and you have all the hassle of rearranging delivery etc. What if you buy something online and it's the wrong thing or it doesn't work. The forums are full of people who have had endless trouble getting things sorted with dodgy online shops. You could, however, buy online from PC World and if the product was no good take it into the nearest PC World store. The techguys will sort it there and then - though you might have to wait at the counter at busy times. Don't forget Collect at Store. Go to the website, find what you want, add to basket, name and phone number (no need for credit card number), allow an hour for processing and go in and pick it up often at big savings. end of rant
  • CA n.
    Reply to Amanager "For the CA that doesn’t know the reason why we sell TV’s, you obviously haven’t had any training" Interesting pop about my lack of training. Yes training is my own resposibility but as a manager are you really going to let a CA take time out of selling in this climit to go sit in front of a computer and learn about TV's for an hour? That's a terrible way to learn anything anyway. Or do you expect me to come in on my own time to do that? Because quite frankly i'm not paid enough for that..... As for the coment about the Digital age and our competitors selling TV's, my point wasn't "Don't sell TV's" I know they make us alot of profit. My point was "Get Curry's to sell the TV's" then PC World would be rid of them and DSGI would still get the money. Yes yes it's nice to be able to offer a complete home cinema system with wireless blah blah blah. But honestly, how many time's have you sold one? How many customers actually come to PC World for a TV? I don't have a target for TV's, and if i do no one seems bothered to tell me what it is. I know the store has a target but it's a weekly NOT a daily one so it seems the company expects us to sell bugger all of the things anyway. Why waste time? I get your point and in an ideal world it would be nice to buy everything under one roof, but my point is that we've tried the TV thing and it doesn't work. So time to change or die. oh, and as for Instore Techguy. i would make devil fingers to you in a punk rock fashion as a sign of respect as what you've said is all true. But i can't on here. So that last sentance will have to do :) Keep on replying Keep on trucking
  • Elsie
    CA no.69 My heart bleeds for you and all the others who have posted similar, and no I'm not being sarcastic. I worked for DSGI as a CA , I left end of last year. I enjoyed my job, I loved helping and advising people, I made sure that what they purchased was what they needed. My customers always returned and so did their friends and family. Everything changed, with FIVES being the last straw for me. Yes I could sell, I could reach the targets, but to do that I had to become like a robot spouting FIVES speak and to be frank, selling stuff people didn't need. I was (pre-fives) top performer in my store and slept well knowing I had done a good job and my customers were happy. I must just be an old dino, I thought you gained customer loyalty by good service not ripping people off. Well now I'm unemployeed, broke but happier as I can sleep with a clear concience To all the managers who are now going through the mill I truely hope you find good new jobs, you deserve to be treated better than this.
  • BSM
    BSM, I will try and keep it short. Im gutted about the news on Monday, Im on holiday at the moment so went in anyway to hear the news from my Gm. At the end of the day it was going to happen sooner or later with the current climate. after joining in 1998, its a sad or a happy chapter in my life that is ahead of me. If I get through then it will be tough and if I land a new job, then that will be tough. What really has upset me the most is that PC world has hired some real spanners over the last few years and the one im thinking of is a dead ringer for Seve Ballasteros, but has no grip on the English language or Retail. Im leaving whatever happens when my SGM has the interview with me, so would like to wish everyone all the best and good luck with whatever direction they take.
  • Oh a.
    BSM I feel your pain. Not all SGM's are as good as my present one. The Spanish Guy is nice, and if you give him the chance he does actually get things done. The thing that has got my blood boiling is the piece of paper I was given yesterday. Not the 45 day notice. But they should string up by the balls or tits (not genedr specific) which ever MORON who thought that what we needed at this time was to be faced with the simpering grin of Keith Jones looking as if he hadn't a care in the world as many of ours fell to pieces.
  • Amanager
    CA no. 69 Don’t take it personal I wasn’t having a dig. I earned my way from the shop floor to my position like many of the managers, sadly I find those managers who let the company down are those recruited directly into managerial positions from other retail outlets, Sainsbury’s etc. For god sake we sell PC’s not frozen foods, how on earth do you expect a manager to resolve a customer issue if they have no knowledge of PC’s Doh! I just hope they review all the tasking with the new roles, so we can dedicate out time to our staff and customers. I do understand the pressure your under to achieve your targets, managers are also under pressure more than you can imagine. I don’t know what store you are from and what region, I do know if you were working with me I would encourage you to do your training, it’s difficult with low staffing levels, however more knowledge is gained by selling the product. You just may be unlucky in your store, in the four stores I have worked in the last 18 months we sell on average 8 TV’s per week, including connections. How many Laptops would you have to sell to generate the same margin? This is what’s unfair and always has been the case, when I was a CA a business advisors average turning over was £25000 a week and made on average 14% margin, as a CA I would be turning over £21000 a week and making on average 20% margin, The BA would get a pat on the back for achieving £25000 and making less money for the company, we all know the reasons for that. Yes you are targeted but not just on Norton and Office, your other KPI’s are related to other products sold, PCP, Margin, Clearance, Service and Connections can be sold with Laptops, PC’s and TV’s. If you haven’t sold a laptop or PC, Norton and Office doesn’t come into your KPI, I would much prefer you sell 20 Printers with Cartridges and PC Performance and 1 TV with a connection than the same amount of laptops, your KPI’s will measured against the products sold. And if you’re telling me that your manager will not let you do any training, that is not what the company encourages, training is on the job, you can’t learn everything with your nose stuck in a book or eyes glued to a screen. If you were in the armed forces and they sent you to Iraq without training, you wouldn’t last very long. My point is in light of the economic climate we have to fight for the business and it’s getting harder so we have a wider variety of products to sell. That’s the trouble it’s banged home to you KPI’s KPI’s, we have to have targets to work towards and measure our performance, but it’s not the be end and all of it, be honest and sell the customer what is appropriate for their needs from information gained by asking questions, not tell them a pack of lies just because you SFM is pressurising you, they should be encouraging you to overcome objections by clarifying any misunderstanding of a product or service, you win some you loose some and as you can see this site is full of bad press and I bet 50% is because of being mislead. Keith Jones put out a memo about not pressurizing customers for this very reason. Lets think positive and move forward and give PC World the support it needs to secure our jobs and then perhaps we will reap the rewards. I’ll give 110% to the end will any of you? We all whinge about our pay, “I don’t get paid enough” I wish I had a fiver for the times I hear that; well neither do I, I have a choice and so does everyone else, SHUT UP, SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT! Be thankful of a job with so many companies going to the dogs, and at this moment I’d gladly take a pay cut than face redundancy and still give 110%. Techguy: I agree with a lot you have said, however; If a customer has PCP they are entitled to in store support and it should be stressed to customers not wishing to take PCP, that Techguys in store are there for technical assistance for PCP customers and those paying for repairs and that General help and Advice is available for customers wishing to make a purchase, if a customer brings their computer back to store in the first year we are obliged to send it away for repair if they request, as you know if they do phone they usually get a next day service. I agree that all staff should be trained regarding our returns policy and it should be clearly visible at all checkouts, it’s a grey area and everyone seems to apply their own interpretation of this. The sale of goods act is very complicated that’s why you have managers. What annoys me is items taken back that haven’t been checked by our staff, sold as non pristine to be returned because parts are missing. On most products sold the contents are printed on the side of the packaging or on the first page of the instruction manual. It’s quite simple the item should be boxed complete in pristine condition if returning for a refund or exchange within 7 days unless faulty. Your comment about the routers is a prime example, missing dongles, power supplies and cables. You’ve made a very good point and this contributes to our loss!
  • TechGuy
    Customers are entitled to in-store support on upgrades, healthchecks, and software support through the dedicated phone line. This is why the TechGuys are constantly bogged down because there's a different opinion of what PCP actually includes. The only support a 'guest' is entitled to from us is a remaster if they've messed their machine up to make sure that their failing system isn't the result of a software conflict. Anything outside of this is chargeable.
  • Oh a.
    Anyone done the online test yet?
  • OSuX
    TechGuy: you offer free remasters if a customer screws their machine up? Very nice of you...we don't! Our view is, if you mess up (ie install software not suitable for your OpSys or software that encourages loads of spyware) then you pay. We do sometimes sort things out as a gesture (if we feel it's NOT a customer-created issues, ie the dreaded Windows updates), but the aim of the clinic is to make money. Anyways, my opinions on the present climate and colleague situations: I've been with the company 10 years (most of which as a tech) and have seen many changes...why they think that using a script helps sell products and services I don't know! I remember a sales advisor in the early years who could sell anything and everything with cover (when cover really cost money) and add-ons...he got 17% on one Mystery Shopper score! When I did my 'CORE' training I got 94%...but, in the real world, could sell for toffee!!! Simply put, I believe if some can sell, and sell well, why make them sell a different way? Why not just get those that can sell to teach those that can't? As for managers, I feel for many of them, yet for the last few years it has been the shop floor (and clinic) that have had their numbers reduced the most. What really should happen with management is natural reduction in numbers, if a manager leaves, don't replace him. All this 45 day business: how is a manager going to feel if he/she doesn’t keep their job and the one that does quits for a better job a few months later? Totally gutted and angry probably! I do think lot of our products are very competitive, as mentioned before you can touch and test them before you buy. What really annoys me is the cost of cables etc: it's ridiculous when it's now cheaper for a customer to buy a wireless adapter than a network cable. Enough of my rant...Good luck to anyone who has been put on the 45 day notice; I look forward to the technicians being next!
  • AM
    Just done the test, was confident. Now im not 65%!! good job its only worth 20 points! Operating model of the Tech Guys, come on. 2 weeks to wait for my interview now. This will go well as i am a sales manager with lots of success and a good relationship with my SGM (unless i balls it up). 65%, jeasus now i feel rough, i know i know but what if....
  • hi
    what sort of questions in this test?
  • AM
    The company strikes again, for some! i wont go into detail but i have just found out that i have been an idiot and done things right rather than finding loopholes that DSGI managers historically are great at! so i got 65% for my online assesment, disappointing but not down and out! they were questions i had not even contemplated. But the loophole it seems everyone else across PC World knows but me is the staff also have access to the management test the rest im sure you can work out! I thought the idea of this was to dispose of the management that cost silly money and should not be in our business. looks like they get a helping hand again.
  • hi
    I wouldn't worry about the the test as its only a small amount of the overall mark, but what sort of questions is it about?
  • Al
    Anyone done the test ? What are the questions like ?
  • bob
    does anyone know if its possible to take volentary redundancy ?
  • Pcw G.
    TO Bob Not Voluntary redundant is not being offered. You either resign or take the test and interview.
  • unnamed
    I am absolutely disgusted that people are saying such vile things here. I work for this company and I find it incredibly sad that in this society we live amongst such uncaring people who are so slefish that all they care about is the fact that they get "tripe" service in stores and have the indecency to call staff "village idiots". Maybe you people aren't happy with the service, but nobody asked you to shop with the company, fact is they are the market leaders and you CHOOSE to spend money in the stores. Why is it people expect ordinary human beings to know everything?? Does anybody actually care about the fact that there are people working for this company who have young familes at home, children to feed and mortgages to pay. How would you as an individual feel if you faced this same sort of issue with the company you worked for? People who say they wouldn't be sorry to see DSGi fail, how dare you? This is not about a company, this is about the working individuals. We hear all the time of people complaining about people claiming benefits and not working, well some people are trying to work and not claim benefits then we get low-lifes like yourselves wishing such misery on people. I hope none of you ever has to deal with having to face redundancy and worry about how to feed your children or keep a roof over your families head, because I have already been in that position and it is a truly horrific feeling.
  • jethro
    When all the GM's get together and REVOLT against the stupid targets for services and other assorted distractions the better. What this will do is enforce that the store should talk about the PC'c and MAC's etc. without the distraction of services that have a target and must be meet according to HO. Prices have also gone through the roof, making PC World an EXPENSIVE shop to buy from. GM's need to to find their Balls and tell HO that their plans and strategy is wrong and a more simple policy is needed, namely buy and sell cheap as an example. Basic retail is get a good price established and have 10-15 customers with the chance of add on sales with good staff. Rather than sell a USB cable at £14.99 and never see that customer again and thats why PC World stores are like Ghost towns. Talking to a staff member who said he had worked 2 days and not made a single sale. R.I.P if this is allowed to carry on. In other words GM's grow and use Koo-Hoonas.
  • Pcw G.
    Unnamed - You are 100% correct. Well done, your comments are exactly right. Jethro - I presume you are a CA/BSA who is feeling bitter towards DSGI, you obviously don't have the capacity to understand about targeting and why it is important, go and learn about business, and managing a business, you will then see that your comments are frankly idiotic. If you had any idea you would see that PC World for the first half of this year are doing very well, its Currys and other parts of DSGI that are failing. The directors are leading the business correctly, we will survive this awful time, but colleagues and managers at all levels with negative attitudes, don't believe in DSGI and how it run etc will not be in the business for very long.
  • snake
    Well said unnamed dated 19th feb,having worked for dsg for 20 years plus i find it upsetting to hear so many people wishing we would go under and classing our staff as village idiots. Sure some staff are not up to speed but plenty are, how ever the latter never get any praise.Some of the people who don,t care about staff losing their jobs and putting their homes and families in jeopardy feel this way because they probably don,t work and live off the state in some slummy hole on a council estate anyway,playing world of warcraft til 5 in the morning before going to sign on.Anyway im sat in my 4 bed 2 bath detatched house with some friends talking about our snowboarding trip new week and looking at my beautiful wife pulling up the drive in her mini cooper with our 2 lovely kids.So to all you wasters out there enjoy your world of warcraft and well......bollocks!
  • Reply s.
    World of Warcraft is not for losers. It is real. Getting to level 80 is more important than turning up to work ontime. Getting the l33t skeelz required 25 man raids organised takes time and is a serious affair my friend. WoW is more important than life. Organising raids requires the Guild Leader to expect it's members to pull sickies just so a couple of the guildies can have IMBA epiz purplez gear. THAT is loyalty to the highest degree. Have you ever thrown a fireball? NO! Did you ever stick a Totem in the floor in the local nightclub while purging buffs from the guy that is eyeing up your woman at the bar? NO! Does your woman dance like a NELF? I think not. mmm ok guys will randomly walk up to you in the town center and ask for cash for their potions but hey, that's about the only similarity WoW has to real life! Sitting at your desk playing WoW for 36 hours straight and wondering why your eyes are bleeding whilst hammering the right button on your mouse, it's almost sexual gratification in a handy carrybag to take to all places. You say snowboarding, I say Slowfall outside the gates of IronForge! You fly in a plane to go to on holiday, I fly an Epic Drake (oh yes...) or just teleport. PWNED!
  • Reply T.
    No, the service docket clearly states that we can remove data as part of the service if it requires it. This generally translates to 'remaster'. Just so happens i've only ever had to perform 4 or 5 remasters out 2 years as part of a repair. Cheers
  • snake
    in reply to reply to snake like that response to my message....but your missing the point its the lifestyle of people who play these sort of games that wind me up not just at work but in general.I would like to bet however that you are ginger,spotty,ugly,skinny and still to lose your cherry? I am right??? cheers
  • Reply s.
    lol, what little you know.
  • silent b.
    i've worked at both pc world and currys and i found that the staff were not village idiots as that dickhead suggested. the people i worked with at pc world really knew their stuff but most of them left because it got so bad working there for minimum wage, crap, almost non-existant bonuses that relied upon how much cover you sold, and poor treatment from our customers(and i use that term loosely). it's much the same at currys. the vast majority of my colleagues have excellent product knowledge. i'm a tv specialist and tried to make sure that my colleagues know as much as i do. we get "customers" coming in treating us like crap, asking for ridiculous discount and then giving us grief when we tell them that we cant do it. they then profess to know more about our business than we do. if your'e one of those people then i have two words for you: RAM IT. you people make our jobs even harder and if someone spoke to me outside of work the way they do when i'm at work they wouldn't be standing for very long. so, people, give us a break and show some bloody respect for people trying to make a living.
  • snake
  • TechGuy
    Lol, nicely said SilentBob I had a customer in this week and he stamped his feet with my colleague till my colleague smiled and passed him to me. Customer said to me "Where's my discount? I don't have to take the price you give me" and I answered "it's in the same place as the bruise on your forehead!" Customer looks at me bewildered and said "what...? What bruise?", I repled "the bruise you'll have on your head for being a pillock and asking for a discount!". After this he politely opened up his wallet and paid full price. Without discount. Manager didn't like it as he was on the other side of the desk. I just looked at him and said "match + 1, he wants to be a twat so i'll be a bigger twat!" and continued my repairs. LOL
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Price match: We offered it ONLY sometimes but not often! If the shop that offered an item had was ectacly the same model at lower price and an approved and listed shop had the item "in stock", we would phone up to check, well it worked like this... the sales person were always told to go and check and say the other store had none to take away after we had come back from seemingly ringing them after a few minutes, so no price match! Even if they came back to say the other shop did have them in stock, we would say they had told us they were out of stock sorry! Usually people just went away grumbling, but accepting we had checked! This store management not the sales people, the sales people would like to just do their job and not lie and play games!
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Sometimes people just bought the item at the DSGi normal price, as they had given up trying to get a bargain and just wanted to go home!
  • silent b.
    TechGuy that was awesome! i might try using that excuse! match+1 indeed! i love saying NO to customers, they really dont expect it! the latest annoyance for us bods on the shopfloor is customers using the store as a showroom for the bloody internet. its becoming ridiculous. and when we are still having to compete with our own websites for business it is an extra slap in the face. im sick of losing sales to the website because they do free delivery! and as for dixons prices, dont get me started! £120 cheaper on a fridge freezer gives us no chance. and Snake, remember...just say NO! works for me! ;-)
  • killers
    what a waste of time here. I have read most of the post and I think people are just wasting their time here. DSGi is s strong company and will survive the test of time. Though I am a former Assistant Manager who was booted out after reapplying for my job, I still do believe that DSGi will stand
  • EX G.
    Never looked backed since leaving in Dec 2008. DSG still have to contend with bestbuy, and when they arrive everyone will jump ship and DSG will be SUNK..
  • snake
    Reply to EX TechGuy 14th sept...BESTBUY? Do really think they will arrive with any gusto? They are hardly going to have the units and locations to contend with DSG`s WNR formats which are stonking!BEST BUY ...bring em on!!!
  • M
    The call centre for technical support is in Lenton, Nottingham. I used to f-ing work there, I should know.
  • EX :.
    All I Can say is that I'm glad they forced my hand to redundancy. 10 jobs a day for what amounted to around 55 quid. Now I'm self employed doing 2 jobs a day for around £100. Only wished I left earlier. DSG are fucked as they have no experinced staff left. If they are any they will jump ship and only monkeys will be left. already stores like john lewis are doing better. shame really as they've turned a good busines into one no one trusts anymore. R.I.P DSG. It was nice knowing you!! Last person to leave please turn off the lights...
  • snake
    reply to ex tech tech guy .....tit
  • Another G.
    Have to agree with previous EX Tech Guy. I also took the redundancy as the company has lost all direction. Now self employed earning more money but for about 20% of the work. I too only wished I had left earlier. It's an odds on bet 50 % of staff will jump ship to best buy if only to see what ist's like on the other side. Can't be worse than DSG. Btw Snake your a complete Knob Jockey!! Wake up and smell the coffee!!
  • currys s.
    ive worked for currys for 3 years now and done most roles except management thank god! whod want 2 put up with moaning customers every single day. i work in a wnr currys store recently opened its great!!!! were up on sales every day we hit targets daily and weekly (smash them actually)pretty good considering weve only been open a few months and we have the best warehouse nation wide aproved by john browett himself. were not closing down best buy wont have a chance nor will comet when were finished with them. lol yeh some staff (new starters bdont know much but there being trained so those customers that need that extra info can get it. all i can say is watch out were not only here 2 stay but to move forward with service 90% of our customers leave our store happy and that 10% u just carnt please no matter what!
  • snake
    reply to another ex techguy.....The names plissken! I dont know of anyone who has left dsg to go self employed who isnt earning loads more cash for less hours?Because they will never admit that they dont earn as much ! Anyway just booking my holiday to disney from my last bouns from WNR store success Cheers knob jock!
  • Ten B.
    [...] 4: Breaking news: DSGi emergency meetings, store restructuring [...]
  • What’s B.
    [...] from within DSGi’s pleasuredome. Last year, news of store restructuring and redundancies made its way here before many of the staff were aware of what was going [...]
  • abdullah
    they cannot support anyting to do with apple computers they are battay company go are totally gayyY not good u know.. wot to do bastaord
  • junping
    More managers leave the tech guys according to wikipedia. Their all jumping before best buy get here
  • JoeKing
    I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding with the 'fives' training. If you look into it deeper, it is to 'train' staff who are/were selling customers items that they do not need or were simply box shifting. If you sell a customer a home theatre kit with no optical lead, or they are buying a TV and they have a PS3 with a basic connection - and you don't offer a HDMI to get the benefits of their brand spanking new TV then you are not really offering the customer the best service. If you had a decent store manager who openly encouraged you to veer from the script (to something you feel more comfortable to say) as long as we used open questions to get into a conversation with a customer (other than saying 'you alright there?') then you are as lucky as I am! All we can do is suggest items that may be required and it's ultimately up to them to decide. My point is that if you explain 'properly' and not try and be pushy you may well get as many people taking the items as don't. Also, as has been said here, there are many of us out there who do know our stuff and are trying to give the best possible service consistently every day - so give us a break.
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  • Zed
  • Marden
    I might be bteanig a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

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