Brace yourself - Wetherspoon to create 250 new pubs

1 December 2009

Wetherspoon pubs. You can't move for 'em. They're the McDonalds of the pisscan world with their cheap ale and food that smells of week-old farts. I should know, I was sat in one yesterday amongst old men with faces like rotted blood oranges.

You'll be thrilled to learn that JD Wetherspoon has announced it will open 250 pubs over the next five years, creating 10,000 jobs in the process and prompting double that figure in hapless alcoholics.

The group opened 39 pubs in the year to the end of July, and had already announced it would open 40 new pubs by the middle of next summer... just in time for the FIFA World Cup. It's ploughing £250m in the new boozers over the five years.

Quite how they manage to make a profit is beyond me... selling guest ales for £1.75 a pop... but they are, as the company recently announced record sales in the year to the end of July, with pre-tax profits up 13% on a year earlier.

"Our pubs are extremely popular and we wish to build on their success by opening more," said Wetherspoon's chairman Tim Martin.

So which towns and cities should shudder at the thought of brawling mongs and screeching other halves? Sites include Sheffield, Livingston, Leominster, Otley, New Malden, Liverpool, Haverfordwest and Newcastle.

There's already 743 Wetherspoon pubs operating in the UK. Before long, there will only be Wetherspoons pubs and we'll be known as a nation of people with loose stools.



  • Mark
    I actually don't mind wetherspoon's pubs. Also the reason they get their ale and drink so cheap is because they buy it very close to the end of its life, hence the cut price. Because it's so cheap they know it will sell before it goes bad.
  • MrRobin
    "we’ll be known as a nation of people with loose stools" Yeah yeah, those cheapo spirits and pints really do churn it all up inside and the next day often involves shot peening the porcelain.
  • CompactDstrxion
    I like Wetherspoons pubs too. Mark is correct, they buy the end-of-life barrels that would be almost unsaleable otherwise, because they can shift it quickly. Everyone benefits from their buying power.
  • Nobby
    The Ryanair of the pub world. Cheap and nasty, so hugely popular.
  • Andre
    I quite like some Wetherspoons pubs, some are just full of drunks, or drunks to be, however, the ones I go to semi-regularly are normally alright. You may well be right about the close to end of life barrels, however it is still legal and fine to drink. However, another reason on how they sell so cheap is the fact that they are not actually that cheap its just other pubs are charging upto 40% too much even after a recommended mark up from wholesale. More pubs should actually be charging close to their prices, if not the same.
  • Mark C.
    They make absolute shitloads of profit on their food.
  • steve l.
    they make a profit by having no staff. i have given up going because it usually took half an hour at the bar to buy a round of drinks while one staff member collected glasses, one stacked the shelves and the remaining person actually served the 300 punters.
  • The B.
    So, the New Malden Wetherspoons is being re-opened then is it? Hardly counts as new does it? Mind you, if it's creating that many new jobs then surely it's self defeating? The only people who drink in there are on very low incomes, if they have to sign off and get a job there then they can't drink there so the profit margin goes down surely?
  • Tommy J.
    Bloody hell, the pub snobbery is out in force today isn't it?
  • Mandy B.
    wetherspoons is cheap? It's £2.40, £2.70 and £3.10 for a pint of heineken at the three closest to me. I can go and buy it at £2.40 and £2.70 at almost any high street chain pub. But in wetherspoons I'd have to put up with drunken old men spouting shit, the smell of nasty microwaved "food" and the absolute lack of music & atmosphere. Oh, and all the EDL/BNP racist nutters who use them for their fash "demos". No thanks, I'll stick to real pubs, ta.
  • Mandy B.
    I'll take back the point about wetherspoons allowing racists to use their pub - apparently the EDL/BNP/CU won't be welcome in the wetherspoons of Nottingham this coming weekend.
  • Mandy B.
    Gotta take it back again. The scum at wetherspoons allowed drunken racists not only to congregate and purchase alcohol at lloyds bar, they allowed them to climb on a veranda roof.
  • penny
    Without getting arrested. Wetherspoons also knowingly served drunken thugs.
  • Chris
    What a load of bloody drivel. Yes, Wetherspoon pubs can attract some arsehole customers, in the same way that the cheapest of other retail outlets (ASDA, McDonalds etc) do; it's a by-product of being cheap that cheapskates often frequent them, but of all the (considerable) number of Wetherspoons' I've visited I've never had any of the overblown issues stated above. Clearly one experience is enough to judge the other few hundred pubs on for some of the ignorant tools above. I suppose you'd rather have Pubmaster and friends to come back and fuck landlords over instead, eh? As for the creation of alcoholics, blaming social problems (i.e inept parents and offys being allowed to sell ridiculously high-strength booze at hilariously low prices) on the activities of a single pub chain is pretty fucking ignorant. If all Wetherspoons disappeared overnight, how many people would give up the booze completely? None of course, they'd go elsewhere, where overpricing is common due to inept landlords or greedy chain pubs. "Quite how they manage to make a profit is beyond me… selling guest ales for £1.75 a pop" They have hundreds of pubs. They buy the same alcohol that any other pub could buy, but at a lower price due to the fact that they deal in bulk. They sell bulk quantities quickly. What's so difficult for you to understand? The "cheap ale" statement really works against you I'm afraid, as many I've seen and visited sport CAMRA & Cask Marque awards and the ale has been bloody great, so what's wrong with cheap stuff? Haha yes, because nobody would go out and drink if there were no Wetherspoons' open during the World Cup, right? Get a grip mate.
  • Anne G.
    Must everyone express their views with such foul language? 'Shitloads'? No, it's shedloads ( if you do want to use an overworked image) - some terrific points but we're becoming an 'arsey' culture as the Australians say ( and they should know) where no one can appear emphatic without graphic reference to their own bodily functions. Isn't it called scatology?

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