B&Q to close 1-in-6 stores

B&Q Kingfisher, the home improvement group, are having a huge shake-up and have decided to close 60 B&Q stores and will also be sacking their UK boss. New chief executive, Véronique Laury, is not pulling any punches.

The closures will come over the next two years, and of course, puts hundreds of jobs on the line. There's talk of minimal losses, as Kingfisher hope that many roles will be redeployed at other B&Q branches, however, that won't settle the nerves of the staff that are currently there, who will no doubt be updating their CVs over the Easter weekend.

That all said, Kingfisher are looking at opening 60 new Screwfix stores this year, so if you're a member of staff at a B&Q store, don't start calling your line-manager an arsehole just yet.

B&Q’s UK and Ireland chief executive, Kevin O’Byrne, will be leaving the company on 15th May and, announcing the closures, Kevin O’Byrne, Laury said a "very different" approach would be required by the company.

She said: "Home improvement is a great market with huge potential and Kingfisher has a strong position within it with further scope to grow in a sustainable way. However, it is clear to me that we need to organise ourselves very differently to unlock our potential."

"This will involve taking what is essentially a locally managed set of businesses and creating instead a single, unified company where customer needs come first. The first step in developing this new organisation is the creation of a new, international leadership team with more focused cross-company roles."

Annual profits fell £75million last year.


  • Father J.
    Sorry for the staff, because they are amongst the better DIY superstore ones; far better than the grunting mongs typically employed by Wickes. B&Q has been well overpriced for years though, so this is hardly a surprise now that you can get the same stuff from Toolstation etc. without having to leave the house.
  • mike
    Yet again another company not making enough profit for the shareholders and so the workers will suffer, it seems to be the trend in this country, i could understand it if a company is in the red and losing trade , but not profit making companies, it is about time something was done about it, far too much greed at the top.
  • warwick h.
    True Father Jack but they need to get rid of those self service tills, the amount of folk who just leave their trollies when there is no till on needs looking at, we asked for a till a few weeks ago, they refused to open one so we just left the trolly.
  • Inspector G.
    I have to say that Wickes is probably the better DIY place. If you go to B&Q or Homebase with the wife in tow you'll inevitably end up leaving with fucking cushions and a fucking lamp, regardless of what you went in for. Wickes...well there's nothing there for your wife to concern herself with.
  • jaffacake
    I'm with you warwick. I won't buy if there is no-one to serve, that includes supermarkets and b and q.

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