Bourgeois banana drama at Abel & Cole!

Breaking news! Abel & Cole are having a huge crisis concerning non-Fairtrade bananas (or 'Fairtade' as they put it) and are urging customers to get in touch with them if they're all finding it a bit too much.

Customers in Fulham had the news broken to them with a note that is bound to cause a huge upset in SW6 and we suspect that, coupled with Thatcher's death, Kensington will be awash with suicidal mummies and daddies.

banana drama



  • Grammar N.
    How can they say on the one hand that they wouldn't want them if they weren't fairtrade, then on the other say that they have some bananas anyway because some are better than none?! Pretty quick to ditch their ethical standards when it suits them - if they really stood by their ethics they just wouldn't stock any until fairtrade ones became available again.
  • Rich
    Does organic certification really require that certain ethical standards are adhered to?
  • noshit
    Oh, the shame of it. My bowels grinned an echo at this news.
  • Jason M.
    so exploitation is better then?

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