Boots to axe 700 jobs

boots_logo Boots - the high street chemist, as opposed to Boots Randolph who did the Benny Hill theme tune - have announced that they're going to be cutting 700 jobs as they look to restructure.

This moves follows the takeover by American company, Walgreens, who took control of Boots last year. It looks like the jobs will not affect those working in Boots' stores and will "simplify support operations".

The company have said that those affected by the changes should be redeployed, retrained or at least, offered a redundancy package.

Company president Simon Roberts said: "Together with my leadership team, I believe this plan will make Boots even better for our customers and drive sustainable future growth. We also remain fully committed to our presence in Nottingham, which has been the home of Boots since the very beginning."

"We have not taken these decisions lightly, and understand the impact that today's announcement may have on our colleagues. We are fully committed to doing everything we can to support all our people as we transform Boots and strive to be even better for our customers and patients."


  • Colin
    > I believe this plan will make Boots even better for our customers Because nothing makes things better for your customers, than s̶h̶a̶f̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ firing your workers.
  • Fagin
    screw boots, they don't pay their damn taxes.

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