Boots do away with charging more for pink things

boots_logo The price of products is obviously something that is of interest to us all, especially when we think certain prices are unfair. One of the things that has been talked about a lot, is the 'pink tax'. Now, this is basically a thing that sees items that are aimed at women being priced up, simply because they're pink.

There have been various online petitions and campaigns against this and, surprisingly, Boots have listened.

For example, Boots were selling eye cream for women at £9.99, but the same product for men would have cost £7.99. Razors for men were being sold for £1.49 for ten, while women's razors were sold for £2.29 for eight. Obviously, you could argue that women could just buy the razors aimed at men, but that's not the point. If overpricing women is systematic, then products that have no male-equivalent may also be marked-up.

Boots said in a statement: "We have clear pricing principles that ensure all of our products are priced individually based on a range of factors including formulation, ingredients, and market comparison and were surprised and disappointed to see recent examples in the press that did not reflect our own standards."

"Boots disposable razors and Botanics eye roll on, are indeed exceptional cases which do not completely meet our principles and we have taken action to correct these with immediate effect."

The Times even did an investigation into all this, and they found that there were hundreds of examples of the 'pink tax' on toys, clothes, and a host of beauty products, as well as other things.

Naturally, men may well be stung over male-only products too, which means they should kick up a stink with retailers, rather moan at women for kicking up a stink about the stuff that matters to them. That probably won't be happening any time soon though, eh?

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