Black Friday - nearly that time again

black fridayOnce again, it is nearly time for Black Friday and, like it or not (we're assuming most of you are in the 'not' category), it is becoming a real fixture in the UK retail calendar.

Of course, the version over here isn't nearly as good as the American one where people get insane bargains, but the more this happens, the more retailers will commit to it, and give out better price drops and bargains.

Now, if you've missed the last couple, which have been heavily featured on Bitterwallet (and we'll be doing it again this year), and don't know what the bloody hell the whole thing is about, save for some people punching each other over tellies, let us explain.

What the bloody hell is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a day, along with Cyber Monday, where retailers, shops and what have you, flog a load of stuff on the cheap. They drip feed it out to create a bit of tension. Sometimes, that tension turns into people wrestling each other in the supermarket aisles. Anyone who has actually ventured down the shops on Black Friday will know that, for the most part, it is very civilised, despite what the news and comment sections tell you.

It originates in North America, where they basically have a big sale after Thanksgiving.

And when exactly is Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday will be Friday 27th November. It kicks off at midnight, or whenever the shops open. Everyone does different things, so you have to keep an eye out for stuff. We'll be covering it all, to let you know. Amazon do flash sales every 10 or so minutes, and other shops have internet-only specials scheduled throughout the day.

So what do I need to do on Black Friday?

We advise sticking to internet shopping. Like we've said, we'll be doing a rolling round-up of the best bargains, or indeed, we'll be pointing you in the direction of the shops that are partaking. There's a hell of a lot of crap to wade through, especially on Amazon and eBay, but if you don't mind scavenging, you might come up trumps.

John Lewis are particularly good on Black Friday, and Tesco and Asda have some half decent offers too. There'll be limited flash sales on consoles, fridges, TV sets and all that. This year, the shops are going to be even more competitive with each other, so we reckon 2015's is going to be considerably better than last years.

Do I have to join in with Black Friday?

Of course you don't. What are you - a massive baby? You can dip in-and-out of it, if you like, to chance your arm on your dinner hour at work or whatever. No-one is making you queue up and fight a man for a trampoline for your garden. That said, if you're hoping for a significant price drop on something expensive, then it is definitely worth hanging on until November 27th, in case it appears.

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