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Online shopping is great. If you’re lucky enough to work from home, or if you’re unemployed, there’s literally no need to leave the house. Ever. From trousers to trumpets (but hopefully not trouser trumpets) why not have someone else bring it directly to your front door? Better still, shopping online is often cheaper. Death to the high-street!

eBay outlets

Loads of the big boys have come to play on eBay, selling refurb and end-of-season stock at bargain prices. Here are some of the most notable.

Argos Outlet’s online clearance store - or ‘Clearance Bargains’ as it’s known - has all the usual Argosy stuff, from DIY to digital cameras. Some clearance items can be found cheaper in-store, but it’s well worth a look.

Bitterwallet - save money at online outlet stores

Tesco Outlet sells both new and refurb products. The About Tesco Outlet blurb explains: ‘The refurbished items are customer returns. A large proportion of these items have never been used. They might, for example, be unwanted gifts or products customers have simply changed their mind about, which have then been returned to us. They have been checked, inspected, repaired (if necessary), graded and reboxed complete with all accessories.’ And there’s a full 12-month guarantee on all products, new and refurb. Not too shabby.

Shoes galore

Looking for some fancy new footwear? Check out Schuh, Office and Sole Trader. Schuh deserves a special mention, in that all bids start at 99p; that’s less than 50p per shoe!

Littlewoods - not Bittterwallet's most favourite retailer, we grant you, but the folkswho run Littlewoods’ 21 retail outlets also run their eBay store. How would you describe your online shop, Littlewoods? ‘Littlewoods Clearance is a department store which offers great product variety; we are a true clearance site so be ready to save up to 75% off fashion & footwear, homeware and seasonal items and up to 50% off electrical prices – Now that’s a true bargain!’ Indeed.

M and M doesn’t have any retail stores; by ‘cutting out the middle man’ they can sell designer stuff at up to 75% off. Cripes. And, in a boast that’s sure to satisfy even the most stylish Bitterwallet reader, half their stock is ‘current season’.

With t-shirts and polo shirts from just £9.99, Superdry’s eBay store is home to many a bargain; far cheaper than their high-street stores.

In need of a new Hoover – sorry, vacuum cleaner? Check out Dyson for cheap refurbs and end-of-line stock.

For a full list, have a gander at the outlet directory at

eBay isn’t the only place to find to sweet deals online; there are plenty of outlet websites with clearance and refurb stock too:

It’s probably fair to say that the majority of Bitterwallet readers are male. You big smelly men won’t be massively interested in Jimmy Choo shoes and the like, but The Outnet is the ideal place to find designer clothing for that ‘special lady’ in your life.

Asos offers ‘up to 70% off high street, boutique and designer brands’. With jackets from just £20, it’s worth tolerating the poncy models for a quick browse of their stock.

The good people at M and M have their fingers in another notable pie; Ted’s Shed is the official Ted Baker online outlet store, with up to 75% off last season’s stock.

Ok, Yoox isn’t an outlet store per se, but it does offer reduced stock from previous seasons, and occasional designer sample sales.

Rather than sell returned products for a fixed price (where’s the fun in that?), Clearance Comet auctions them off, eBay-style. And the icing on the proverbial cake? Many auctions start at just £1 - huzzah!

ebuyer is generally pretty cheap anyways, but their outlet store merits checking out too. Most of the stuff is ex-display, so there’s generally just one or two of each item; get in quick.

Humax sells returned and repaired freeview boxes directly from its website. Their nifty ‘Freeview +’ technology allows you to record free-to-air telly. Neat.

Check out Dell Outlet for laptop and desktop bargains aplenty. The delivery charge is usually £21.54, but at the time of writing (a snowball’s throw from Christmas) it’s entirely free, and there’s an online coupon for £25 off. Joyeux Noel!

Anymore? Let us know where you hunt for online bargains in the comments below.


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    "In need of a new Hoover – sorry, vacuum cleaner?" Then, whatever you do, don't buy a Dyson, the iBollocks of the vacuum cleaner world. Unless, of course, you're specifically looking for a poorly made, unreliable heap of shite that will stop working for ever about a week after the warranty expires. Oh, and if you own a dead/dying Dyson (that's about 95% of them then) then don't be tempted to try and fix it. The expensive replacement parts they flog are even worse quality than the crap that was already in there, and won't even last as long as the originals. No, the kindest thing to do is dump it at the local recycling plant and buy something that works.
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