Bitterwallet Guide to spending Christmas with Muslims

24 December 2013

marks and spencerThere's seems to be confusion amongst certain people about this whole Marks & Spencers/Muslim non-story. Some people have erroneously likened this to the time those Christians refused entry to a gay couple in their B&B, when of course, any fool knows that the B&B refused all service to a couple on religious grounds while M&S are not refusing service to anyone at all. One is discriminatory behaviour, the other isn't (sadly, you can't say you've been discriminated against for simply being served by 'someone else'). There's a world of difference between refusal of service and using a different checkout.

Some readers are also saying that people shouldn't work in places where they might have to do things that go against their beliefs, when of course, they're aware that this applies to all religions, not just Muslims. If you want to ban religion, that's another discussion. We're sure most complainants wouldn't mind working Christmas day on a normal rate for a non-Christian boss if that was the case.

But this is Britain right? There's some confusion about Marks & Spencer's being a standard-bearer for all that's British. That'd be M&S, founded by Michael Marks, a refugee Jewish man from Belarus. Takes all sorts of people doesn't it to make things happen, doesn't it?

Anyway, we felt the need to clear all this up because after the non-boycott and we got the impression some people felt hard done to by Muslims who work in supermarkets. With that, we've created a handy flow chart which you can print off and use when you feel like your rights are being impeded by Muslims in major supermarkets.

muslims flowchart



  • npfiii
    "(sadly, you can’t say you’ve been discriminated against for simply being served by ‘someone else’)" Actually, refusal to serve on the basis of religion *is* discrimination, no matter how you dress it up.
  • James
    Flow charts: ur doin it rong
  • Les D.
    This should be called "The Bitter Wallet Guide Explaining How People Who Have Got A Right To Complain Should Shut The Fuck Up While Muslims Can Do What The Fuck They Like" Dick heads.
  • Des G.
    Hey, we made some footfall yesterday! Lets repeat the story all over again and get more posts. Religion is bad mmmkay?
  • andy y.
    There's no difference Those people who refused entry to the B&B happened to be Christians but really just didn't like gays. The M&S employee happened to be Muslim but really just didn't like drinkers. In both cases it was someone using religion as a shield for being a twat.That said the B&B people owned the business which gives them the right to be twats.
  • Warwick H.
    normally Bitter wallet talks sense but this is just pandering shit.
  • fuqstix
    ....also, unreadable shit. 'Takes all sorts of people doesn’t it to make things happen, doesn’t it?'
  • Maria
    I don't think it's discrimination to refuse to serve alcohol. It would be discrimination if alcohol was refused to a Muslim, not by one It's clearly the Manager's fault as everyone knows some people will not handle alcohol. What a non-story!
  • Mugwump
    I do find this very annoying and just as divisive as those other articles on the matter. I've no-idea of the truth behind the issue, but the point should be that when you enter a store, anywhere, the staff *serving* are representatives of M&S (forex) over any other concerns, and should uphold it's merchant obligations, including selling booze & pig. I don't accept queuing with my hard-earned in my hand to learn about others mystical beliefs and queue again. Happy Xmas to all!
  • Everyone l.
    How many Catholics working in pharmacies refuse to sell johnnies to spotty oiks? Answer none because this was never about religion. This is about people being awkward at work and hiding behind religion to justify it. The truth is, she was just a lazy cow.
  • Coran
    What if the gay couple were turned away, and told to go to another B&B just down the road? Please tell us how that would be different..
  • Coran
    Here's another example for you, just to make it simple. As Mof does seem to like patronising examples like sarcy flowcharts.. A customer walked into Hotel/Supermarket, and tried to purchase a Room/Wine, the staff refused to sell this to them, and they were told they would need to go to another Til/Hotel. The moment we allow personal beliefs to dictate the running of our daily life. We're on a slippery slope to darker times. Imagine a world where a man can refuse to allow a woman to hire a car, because she is not being escorted by another man. It is not an individuals, or religions, place to decide what is, or is not, acceptable behaviour for our society. We have laws for that, which took us many generations and much suffering to get to the point where they are now. Let's not let them get thrown away so easily.
  • Ghastlie
    Sounds to me like Mof is a muslim with a bee up his arse...
  • Dosser
    @ Coran Yep, wise words there.
  • Big M.
    @Maria - you're wrong. Refusing to serve someone on religious grounds IS discrimination. It's the same as saying, "I'm sorry, I can't serve you everything you want today because you're not a Muslim." Wait until a Muslim gets a job in a bar and refuses to serve alcohol, see how you feel then. If you don't see why a Muslim would get a job in a bar in the first place, then what's the fucking difference to working in a supermarket - somewhere that also serves booze. Sounds like a great wheeze to get off tedious checkout duty though.
  • Kevin
    Treating one group of customers a different way to another is discrimination. Doesn't matter how minor, it is still discrimination which, for me, is the issue as M&S say they do not discriminate. Couldn't care less why there is discrimination, it still exists.
  • fuc M.
    i know you you roll outa bed at 11:00 and head straight for the post office to cash your fekin giro then straight to the the pub - after drinking 3 pints of piss you head for the offie for white lightning . then its off to KFC - for batter bits ... turd

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