Beware of bulk buy rip-offs

Shoppers: put down that planet-sized packet of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and step away. According to the latest Which! survey, it’s actually cheaper to buy smaller packs at supermarkets – where bulk buying can cost more.

cathedral city

Which! found that large pack sizes didn’t necessarily add up to savings. Often this was due to price matching with rival supermarkets and temporary special promotions.

Take for example, Cathedral City cheddar. Perhaps you’re looking for a delicious breezeblock of cheese, served on a massive piece of mattress-sized toast. Well, Asda have been selling a double pack of two 350g blocks of Cathedral City for £6.98 But wait! On a separate offer, you can get two 350g blocks for £4.

Also, a 1 kg packet of cornflakes in Asda cost £3.38, while a 750g packet cost £2. And for all you dedicated alcoholics out there, a large 700ml Absolut vodka from Waitrose is £19.90, but you can get 350ml for £9.

It just don’t add up.

So are supermarkets exploiting customers who think buying in bulk is cheaper – safe in the knowledge that they’re not going to stalk the aisles with calculators? Tellingly, it’s only illegal to sell bulk items at a higher price if you label it with ‘Bigger Pack, Better Value’ – otherwise you can get away with charging what you want.

Or is it just that supermarkets are so awash with special deals that they don’t know their arse from their elbow?

Over to you Ricardo Lloydo from Which!...

‘When household budgets are squeezed, it’s unacceptable that shoppers are confused into thinking that they’re getting a good deal when that might not be the case.’

You heard him. UNACCEPTABLE.


  • dvdj10
    If people are too thick to be able to work out which is better value it's their own stupid fault. They're giving you the weight / quantity of an item and the price that's more than enough surely? Why should we all have to cater for the mentally retarded?
  • Alexis
    Sainsbury's 12" Pizza Express pizzas £3 7" version £4.50
  • Kevin
    Exactly dvdj10. It's like blaming supermarkets for selling products high in fat and suagr, it's up to the consumer to make those decisions. With alcohol you might want the bigger bottle as it takes up less space or looks more like a present than two smaller bottles.
  • dvdj10
    Supermarkets, shops, whatever all price items based on cover also. If you've got 10,000 packs of single block cheese in the warehouse and no-one's buying it because everyone's buying the double pack you mark down the single pack to clear it before it goes off. So Ricardo you spaz, what you're saying is despite sales on the double pack being good they should have to reduce the price of this also to reflect the price drop of the single pack? These fuckwits have no idea how retailing works.
  • Daisy D.
    24-pack of Tennant's = free if the shopkeeper is distracted.
  • JonB
    All the supermarkets I shop at have a price per 100ml or 100g on the shelf label, so it's the shopper's fault if they get ripped off by these "offers".
  • dvdj10
    I was going to mention that JonB but those things become null and void when you start looking at "Buy 2 for £3" as the price per X is only valid for a single item. But even then it's only a bit of maths that everyone should be able to do. If not learn, you'll better yourselves and maybe help towards you finally getting a job. You can thank me later.
  • Thicko
    Not strictly true dvdj10, I have seen a lot of instances where the shelf tab price only has a break down of "price per item" (fruit for example), yet another variety of the same fruit has the price per kg. Inconsistency is the issue in supermarkets as far as I am concerned; If they were forced to show the price of items equally amongst all their products then it would be a lot clearer tot he consumer to see what is cheapest. But then again, why would they want you spending LESS in stores? That's not good for the shareholders is it ;)
  • So T.
    Beware of fucking retards that can't work out pence per 100ml/whatever. Fucking Tennant's drinkers.
  • So T.
    Can't tell if that slut Daisy Duke is being serious, the retarded bitch. Bet she drinks Carleng.
  • Dick
    Buying one large pack is often not bulk buying. You are buying one of something so it is unlikely to be discounted by a supermarket in a multiples promotion. Buying two smaller packs is bulk buying and is more likely to be discounted. It's not hard to understand.
  • shiftynifty
    Regarding if consumers are thicko``s a blatant attempt by supermarkets to rip people off...we know they are not going to be holier than thou...but what it this report says...again from the university of stating the bleeding obvious...Supermarkets are going to screw you over at any cost...So I applaud anyone that gets one over these grasping twats...and to me selling shit products high in fat and sugar,they should be prosecuted...if they did not make them...we would not buy them...they are complicit in the obesity horror epidemic horror show in the UK....the fattest country in Europe
  • shiftynifty
    Oh and Kevin...Exactly dvdj10. It’s like blaming supermarkets for selling products high in fat and suagr, it’s up to the consumer to make those decisions. With alcohol you might want the bigger bottle as it takes up less space or looks more like a present than two smaller bottles.....Sort your spelling life out
  • So T.
    ^"sort your spelling life out" Says the fucking retard who can't use apostrophes or paragraphs properly. Fucking spastic.
  • shiftynifty
    Posted by So retarded I can't spell Tennant's ...G.T.F.O fuckwit
  • So T.
    ^You can't even copy and paste properly. You're a total fucking waste of oxygen.
  • dvdj10
    I'm sorry shiftynifty but: "and to me selling shit products high in fat and sugar,they should be prosecuted…if they did not make them…we would not buy them" Is such bollocks. All food stuffs are clearly labelled with how bad they are, it's your choice what you buy, no-ones forcing you. Processed crap is cheaper to make than fresh which is why it's cheaper. By your reckoning all fast food restaurants, Starbucks and such, hell even high-end restaurants will be high in fat dependent on what you order, should all be shut down too? Welcome to North Korea. You have a choice, everything in moderation.
  • shiftynifty
    To dvdj10 Tell me ...who picks up the bill from the obesity epidemic... we do ... All supermarkets are complicit in processed may be cheaper to make ..but why make something that is full of crap...and let the NHS pick up the bill.... Fat Tax will be here soon...GTFO to North Korea
  • shiftynifty
    Posted by So retarded I can't spell Tennant's ....Bored are we...? at 2:55 am...finished spannering yourself out of tissues......Miley not doing it for you ...? fuckwit
  • Harry
    I hate bulk packaging because sometimes you just don't want that much stuff, or you don't have room in your house to keep it. You don't have room in your car to carry it. It seems underhanded and unethical.

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