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best companyYo! It’s like this – after a lengthy period of frank and fearless debate, you lot have identified the companies that have given you the most pleasure over the past year. The response wasn’t quite as passionate as the one for our Worst Company In Britain 2010 poll but that’s probably because (a) it’s harder to think of a company that have actually please you, and (b) the internet is full of moaning Marvins.

But we’ve whittled the nominations down to a final four for you and we’ll leave the voting open over the weekend in the hope that some kind of tension might mount (although we’re not predicting a major upset if the nominations are anything to go by)

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  • Sam
    I'm abstaining from voting here, because most companies are better than these four.
  • Me m.
    My vote has gone to O2, although it has to be said that they're the best of a bad bunch. :(
  • Big B.
    What on earth is wrong with John Lewis?
  • Seamaster
    I'd have voted Amazon, were it not for their use of HDNL for deliveries. I still can't believe HDNL didn't win the Worst Company in Britain poll.
  • Moaning M.
    My name is Martin not Marvin. Why do people keep calling me Marvin. Moan moan moan.
  • Me
    How on earth did O2 make the list.... Their internet service (LLU) is the best there is IMHO but their mobile are is dog shite. Hard for me to vote as I never use John Lewis... therefore its between Play and Amazon. Think Amazon just edge it (as luckily I only order small things delivered by RM, if I had something (not) delivered by HDNL from them it might be a different story.
  • kv
    the good people of bitterwallet have decide to ignore the dozens of nominations for waitrose/ocado, and instead put in who almost nobody nominated this polls is totally moot
  • Delenn
    Can't vote for Amazon while they use HDNL. Can't understand on this list. O2 provides a decent mobile voice service for me, but mobile data is behind some other players. John Lewis, however, is pretty much spot on.
  • PaulD
    I've reluctantly voted for Amazon, although I'm not convinced any of them deserve the award.
  • The B.
    Um, aren't Waitrose part of the John Lewis Group?
  • kv
    knew someone would bite :D
  • Andrew
    I've used all three companies in the last couple of months and can't think of anything that makes me think they are the best in the UK. Does anyone really care who is the best company? Best charity or something would be of more relevence???
  • Load C.
    WTF? Why is on this list. They just about get pipped at the post by Poxmania as the worst EVER company! (Excludes Paypal)
  • bob
    @ Andrew Best charity? Is that a joke?

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