Best Company In Britain 2009 - the winner is...

best company When it comes to naming 2009’s best company, you, the Bitterwallet readership have spoken, and not in the loud booming voice we expected from you either.

The winner of yesterday’s vote was Amazon, which is no real surprise as the online retailer bagged almost as many nominations as every other company put together.

amazonukBut what was surprising was how tight the result was in the end, with the plucky youngsters from Ebuyer coming a close second. Well done them.

Thanks for all the votes you cast and start training your keen eyes on good and bad customer service in preparation for the 2010 polls – they’ll be here before you know it.


  • Carlos J.
    Ebuyer lost the Northern Ireland vote for persisting in charging extra for Postage to us lower class citizens of the UK, despite using Royal mail for a large percentage of their deliveries. They could learn a lot from Amazon in that way and maybe next year Ebuyer ;)
  • Alan
    I always have been annoyed that the charge quite a bit more to Northern Ireland but any of the other IT suppliers I have checked always charge more. I think the delivery costs to NI have dropped slightly, last build cost me £10 delivery whereas the previous builds were £16-£22. Not to mention it came next day which was a total surprise as it usually 5 days.
  • Nobby
    Surely the headline here is that the second best company as voted for on a HUKD blog is banned from HUKD for self promotion.
  • Nobby
    And if ebuyer are banned due to them self promoting items on HUKD, how can you be sure the votes for them were also not just their staff self promoting the company in the vote. They should be banned from the vote with no investigation, and the silver medal given to John Lewis.
  • Timbo1234
    I can't believe ebuyer are on this list. I had a terrible experience with them and haven't used them for years. have they really improved that much?
  • Chris
    "Ebuyer lost the Northern Ireland vote for persisting in charging extra for Postage to >> us lower class citizens of the UK <<" I greatly resent that remark! However Ebuyers postage is laughable - Understandable for desktops etc, but not when you want to buy a £5 component or a wireless dongle. That just makes me chuckle.
  • Nobby
    @Chris, I think you'll find they wrote it tounge in cheek. "us lower class citizens of the UK" meaning they are treated as lower class, having to pay more when the postal service used (RM) is the same price for small items for anyone in the UK.
  • ginger
    Agree with Chris, Ebuyer are a bunch of arrogant cu*ts with terrible customer service.
  • John
    The right result. Amazon are streets ahead of any other online retailer.
  • Carlos J.
    @ Nobby 100% correct my friend ;) I am a loud and proud citizen of Norn Iron, I just resent extra postage charges for no reason :)
  • Chris
    I'm from the north as well:) Its also really annoying that ebuyer charge extra for absolutely no reason!
  • Amanda H.
    I must be the only person on the planet that thinks Amazons website is shittier than a cows arse after 10 curries. 1) The complete inability to avoid/switch off marketplace sellers (even the free super saver selection still gives you marketplace twats). Don't get me wrong, I buy & sell on marketplace, but sometimes I want to buy something from Amazon themselves (shock horror) without wanting to pay some twat in Cardiff £5 for p&p for the same item Amazon sell with free p&p. If you've sold on Amazon MP you will realise why they don't want buyers to do this. Main reason being the daylight robbery that is the Marketplace fees. They make more moolah from a marketplace tosspots than they do themselves for the item brand spanking new. 2) The websites inability to show you items you want to see. Want something under £15? Ok, click on "Under £15" then, and marvel at the many items from £0 to, well £1000 really. Want to sort the items cheapest first? Can't be hard for a computer to work that one out, not unless you are still using a Spectrum 128k for your server. 3) The item description page lacks the only thing you really want to see, which is the fucking description of the fucking item. More than likely you will get one sentence describing the product, then 10 pages of bullshit about what other people bought aswell. 4) An extension of point 2, but all the crap on the page: reviews, tags, forums, adverts, description appears to have been chucked together by a blind alzheimers chap called Shakey Jim, and made as neat and tidy as Mr Messy's used condom drawer. 5) "Special Offers" OOooo, whats this? Buy Item A (=£10) and Item B (=£5) together for £15!!! Yeah, thanks a bunch Amazon you cocks. Apart from that though good site.

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