Best Company In Britain 2009 - the second semi-final

Worst Company counterpart from last month.

So, from yesterday's first semi-final, we’ve established that Amazon are very popular with you all and that Ebuyer have a fair few fans out there as well – those two will line up in tomorrow’s final.

But who will be there with them? We honestly couldn’t say from the four companies you’ve got to choose from today – they all received a similar number of nominations and it’s just too close to call.

You’ve got until midnight tonight to cast your votes and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for the grand showdown. Bring your dinner.


  • RBNC
    hahaha. Richer Sounds..Best company? You guys are very funny.
  • Mr G.
    Apple? Best? Company? What? The? Hell? I'd vote for Apple... in a competion for the most restrictive, bullshitting evil corporate bastards in the world. If only normal people bought their over-priced, over-hyped cack and they had an appreciable share of the PC market we'd all realise that they're actually several times worse than the lamentable Micro$oft. Though Google are gearing up to beat everyone else in the "most evil" stakes...
  • Best B.
    [...] yesterday’s nail-grinding semi-final, Richer Sounds and John Lewis join Amazon and Ebuyer as the four companies you hate to hate. Or [...]

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