Best Company in Britain 2009 - the final!

best company We’re not ashamed to admit that this is a particularly moist piece of internet that you find yourself gawping at. We’re teary at what sits before you – the grand final of Bitterwallet’s inaugural Best Company In Britain award, the one that covers the year formerly known as 2009.

Following yesterday’s nail-grinding semi-final, Richer Sounds and John Lewis join Amazon and Ebuyer as the four companies you hate to hate. Or even love to not hate the most. Whatever.

So then, this is it – a rare moment of unbridled and unfettered posi-bloody-tivity among all the whining and grining (a word that we’re fairly sure we just made up!) that normally goes on around here.

You have until midnight tonight to cast your vote – it may not take you as long as that to make up your mind. But please, whatever you do, be careful. You’re messing with people’s feelings here.


  • sping
    How the f*ck are Richer Sounds there. They advertise deals when they have so little stock it's a joke. Inaccurate lead times and low stock levels, surely not one of the top 4 companies in the UK. Crampton and Moore ftw.
  • stuart
    well atleast richer sounds DID have them deals on, even if at low stocks! what i find the greater problem is mispricings. this is getting VERY common, especially with amazon although other sites have the same problem. each time they blame a computer error which i think is a cop-out. it is their fault for inputting the wrong price & again for not checking the price before listing on the site. they should be honouring all orders made at the misprice. even so, i've still picked amazon as my company of the year.
  • Fella-Tio
    Richer Sounds? very strange seeing how people seem to call them rubbish most of the time on HUKD. Perhaps due to the recent activity on HUKD around the company and the advertisement thread that followed the supposed complaint another % increase?
  • Gunn
    I would have voted Amazon but I've had issues with non-delivery, wrong pricing and cancelling orders due to no stock. So I will go with Ebuyer as I've never had any problem with them over the years.
  • Nigel
    Ebuyer deals are banned from HUKD so it's a little strange that they found there way to the final. Maybe that ban needs lifting.
  • Jim H.
    I dont understand why Ebuyer deals have been banned from HUKD?! But I have gona ahead and voted for Ebuyer out of the 4. Ordered plenty of times and never had a problem! Never used JL or RS, however Amazon have cocked up a few orders of mine in the past so they cant get my vote!
  • Simon
    Amazon?? AMAZON?!?? Is this some kind of sick joke?!? Unbe...
  • Dan
    I've ordered loads from and they have never...ever.. disappointed me. Amazon suck on delivery and pricing John Lewis are far too up their own arse Richer sounds....who in the blue hell are they?! Ebuyer all the way!!!
  • William B.
    Ebuyer for the win. Great prices, great delivery service, great returns service turnaround. Just awesome :).
  • jon h.
    Ebuyer are amazing! Great prices and shipping! They get my vote.
  • Craig S.
    Amazon are the best on this list by miles.
  • John P.
    I've been using Amazon for nearly a decade and they've never let me down. Ebuyer hadn't until recently but, while they're great at selling gear cheaply, it turns out they're terrible at dealing with returns. Amazon get my vote.
  • ScottC
    Other than Richer Sounds, I think all of the others are pretty much joint, and are very good, in different ways. My personal vote goes to Amazon, purely as I have used them more in the last year. However, all three deserve a pat on the back for showing the others how to do online trading IMHO.
  • Mike
    I use ebuyer weekly ... never had a major problem and minor ones have been solved instantly via a phone call, they get my vote.
  • Triggster
    Ebuyer, mainly because of the super quick next day delivery I got which really made me happy. I cant complain about amazon either as theyve always been good.
  • Rich B.
    I have used ebuyer for the last 3 years personally.. Since then i have convinced my workplace to use them as a main supplier for PC hardware. Never had a single problem with them.
  • Anon
    Ebuyer!? Ebuyer are the biggest FAIL in the country. I'll go to DABS thanks, none get my vote.
  • Zoidberg
    never a problem with ebuyer. super saver delivery works every time.
  • the r.
    its amazing. the 2 top are internet sites. hpw long before yo everyone realises you keep buying online soon we wont have any shops to walk into!
  • kev
    I'm surprised how close Ebuyer have sun it, thought Amazon would stroll this
  • Dan
    Come on ebuyer you can do it, fuck amazon right in the ass!!!
  • Majhaar
    Amazon?? you can not be serious man, after all their continued "miss-price" shenanigans. Richer Sounds are OK, they did give me mince pies and hot chocolate whilst waiting outside in the cold for the Boxing day sale, but stock levels on deals are often non existent Ebuyer are consistently great, reliable stock levels reported on the site, good prices and fantastic delivery.
  • Best B.
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  • Chris
    Richersounds are fine. They're a large company sharing one warehouse... Stock is going to deplete eventually with popularity. I was just glad they had the tv we wanted when we got it :)
  • Mariola
    Ebuyer are the best one!!!
  • janet
    Ebuyer has the best service, and friendly staff

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