Best Buy to sell electrical cars

kids-electric-carElectricals behemoth Best Buy, who just so happen to be opening their first big box store in the UK next week, are going to sell electric cars and motorbikes as part of a ‘green technology’ push.

Best Buy issued a statement saying that they'll be selling electrical cars that include the £87,000 Tesla Roadster sports car and the Citroen C1 ev’ie family car.

Best Buy branded operations chief executive Paul Antoniadis said: “We want our customers to know that Best Buy is different and this innovative and inspiring range is just one example.

“Never before has a consumer electronics retailer in the UK had an entire area devoted to green technology not had such a comprehensive choice of electric vehicles.”

Such vehicles are exempt from congestion charges, which is nice on the pocket... but still, feel free to cry 'bullshit!' at the whole notion of a car that you need to plug into the mains to charge up.

Oh, and if you're wondering where the shitting tits this store is going to land, then make your way to Thurrock - it's opposite a Currys megastore.


  • Pete
    I think when Best buy announced a UK expansion DSG probably bricked their pants!
  • Gordon B.
    >Such vehicles are exempt from congestion charges, The other good things about electric cars are that: 1) you do not need a licence to drive one, 2) you do not need to pay any insurance, 3) you do not need to tax it, 4) you can drive them drunk, 5) Leonardo di Caprio loves them so much that he will valet yours four times per year for life and 6) you can charge it up using a regular 13A socket, preferably in your neighbour's garage.
  • WaWaWa
    You can't drive them drunk. Ask that Welsh rugby player.
  • Brian
    If Gordon Brown says you can drive it drunk, then you can drive it drunk...end of.
  • wonky h.
    Can you drive an electric car while bumming a fox?
  • ButterMan
    They've got a Tesla at that store, looks good.

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