Best Buy to launch summer 2009 - hiring now

Bitterwallet reader, Tom Chapman, tipped us off in the DSGi sales blog comments that Best Buy is now hiring for UK senior staff. A quick browse through Totaljobs shows listings for a Customer Insight Manager, Head of Online Marketing and Online Content Specialist among others.

The ads state the first store will launch Summer 2009 which is inline with their statements in 2008. It seems the crumbling financial markets are not slowing their UK expansion plans.

The job listings indicate the online site will be essential to the launch as well as big box style stores (the ads refer to the US sized 50,000 sf stores). With the death of electronics retailers such as Empire Direct, the weak position of DSGi and the launch of CDiscount and Best Buy it seems the UK consumer landscape may be drastically different by the end of 2009.


  • Rubisco
    I really wish this had happened years ago, back when our electronics retailers were in full price-fixing mode. Now with internet competition they won't have as much of an impact. Oh well.
  • chrisg
    I'm sorry, but CDiscount have some work to do. It'll take some time before I feel totally comfortable ordering from them again.
  • Paul N.
    What happened chrisg? I think Best Buy will have the greater impact due to brand size but also due to the combination of high street presence.
  • Mac P.
    I bet DSGi are a little nervous over this. If they're in a precarious position now, a slow start to 2009 and then Best Buy launching may just finish them off.
  • chrisg
    Not so much something that happened, but I have no confidence in their ecommerce platform which is very poor compared to amazon etc, customer services that dont reply, odd pricing/promotions. NOt to say I won't use again, just very wary..
  • British R.
    will they be launching in the big cities first ie; Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh ?
  • PC B.
    [...] sites. More likely, Best Buy’s name has cropped up in discussions prior to the trial. Their impending launch in the UK will threaten the market share of both chains, and combining brands might present a more [...]
  • Pete
    The big box type store - that's what Comet used to be in the early 70's before they decided that they wanted showrooms. You would look for the goods in other shops, decide what you wanted then went to Comet and got it ££££'s cheaper off a man in a brown work coat and a sack barrow. No salesman, no pressure, no extended warranties, just take it or leave it. Grand. Eeee..... when I was a lad!
  • Currysbod
    I'd love to be in the situation that would enable me to gamble £25 million+ on launching a high street discount retailer at the beginning of a recession in a market with rapidly shrinking profit margins. Best Buy must have some really good dirt on their bank mamagers...

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