Best Buy is building up to launch

19 October 2009

A new low for Bitterwallet - photographs of a building site. But wait a minute, what's going on there? It's Best Buy at work - this is the future site of their Lakeside store. Impressive pre-molded concrete. DSGI, quake in your boots, the end of days is approaching for you. Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Mark for capturing this tender moment.

Bitterwallet - Best Buy is coming

Bitterwallet - Best Buy is coming


  • Starr
    Best buy is gonna be awesome
  • Kyle
    The more competition the better, well for consumers anyway.
  • Chris
    They are probably only here because they've heard UK/Treasure Island consumers will pay through the nose for crap
  • Bett t.
    Can't wait to buy some best!
    I was quite excited as it was the first time I'd seen the best buy logo in the UK :)
  • Phil
    You should see the store in hedge end, southampton. Its almost finished - Got four walls and a roof anyway...
  • lam
    The new 50,000 square foot megastore is planned to open in March 2010 at Lakeside........ but in a move to counter the opening of Best Buy, Currys have signed up to take on 100,000 square foot of retail space in Lakeside Retail Park, on the site vacated by Danish Store ILVA.
  • A.drewn
    went to a couple of Best Buy stores in NY - simailar to the revamaped PC World stores but a little nicer (I think Pcworld thought they can do it and so can we). What about Best Buy makes you think they are going to be so much better than PCworld al etc ?
  • David F.
    went to best buy in new york. Utter crap, over priced crap!
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
    PC World and Currys are in a very good position to take on Best Buy. But competition is indeed good for the consumer, so win-win.
    I saw the new Currys Megastore being built too... boring though - the one in west mids is crap.
  • cripps555
    best buy was that not the name of the supermarket that Curley Watts and Reg Holdsworth worked at on Coronation street
  • Amanda H.
    My town hasnt got a currys, or a dixons, pcworld. So no chance of a Best Buy here. All those shops are crap anyway, I'd give my left nut for a KFC next door.
  • Andy B.
    I like the way the photos seem to have been taken on the move, as if irate builders would have chased the photographer away if he stopped.
  • Milf
    Best Buy. OMG. I have literally [email protected] myself dry with the thought of a shop opening. Yeah, DSGI blow goats but it's only a shop FFS.
  • goon
    it would be more interesting if the were building a massive strip joint who get excited over an electrial store queers i guess
  • Wtf... r.
    Well shiver mi timbers, another shop opening. And? I remember thinking "Jesus, Tesco's is starting to sell laptops, I'd better start looking for an exit hole from my branch of PC World"... then I went to Tesco's just to have a look. Oh my fucking god, they haven't a clue. Then I thought to myself, "lets have a look at some other competitors too just for the laugh". Staples.... If it aint a desk or a chair, or maybe marker pens, they haven't got the foggiest of what they're talking about. Best Buy? Nah, Best be Buying my computer stuff from PC World me thinks. I could however buy online elsewhere, but then again return policies online are awful to get past if there's a faulty product and hey, including delivery charges, most single items needed end up costing more than the PC World store and takes longer to get hold of. Oh well. I'll continue to shake in my boots, over there in the corner. Laughing to myself.
  • Martin
    I've shopped in Best Buy a few time in the US and its amazing, just the size and selection of product really blow me alway. The staff really know there stuff and are very approachable, unlike other UK retails whom work on commotion. I cant wait for Best Buy to get up and running, I've had all to bad experience with the likes of Comet, Currys, Tesco, PC World and Dixons with their horrifying staff and dirty, puzzling stores. They'd better pull their pants up for what I've seen of Best Buy over in the US they're about 20 years behind.
  • David
    You think Best Buy will be competitive in the UK? Theyre used to selling their products for "cheap" in the U.S where tax isnt as much of a burden on prices. Theyll come over here and realise they cant sell cheap after all, and if anything theyll end up selling at the same price as PCWorld/Currys. plus, DSGi have a price promise meaning all you have to do is knock on their doors next to Best Buy, say you found it cheaper there, and Currys/PCWorld will do it even cheaper. Problem solved. The new format Megastores for Currys are going to be IMMENSE, i cant wait for the one in Hedge End to open in February :D

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