Deathwatch: Beleagured Borders no longer taking customer orders

retaildeathwatch Following yesterday’s news that it’s ‘sell up or die’ for Borders bookshop chain, the company have now stopped taking new orders for books, saying that they are freezing orders while “the business is in discussion with potential buyers.”

However, the move is more likely to be connected to reports that some publishers are refusing to deal with the chain, which may not last until Christmas unless they are sold. HMV are in the frame to do a deal, while WH Smith pulled out of talks last Friday.

Customers who try to order a title online are greeted with a message that reads: “Sorry, title cannot be purchased.” A bit like the company itself right now.


  • Al D.
    S'alright, my mate Gordon has saved the world economy so it doesn't matter, he said this time next year we'll be millionaires, but I think he might have just been talking about our payoffs when we get the boot.
  • Nobby
    At least they are not taking orders. Better than zavvi, they kept taking orders when they knew things would not be shipped.
  • wobinb
    I quite like the ironic "sponsored link", see the screenshot
  • dunfyboy
    Better than Cdiscount's "in provisional liquidation". Only been in Borders a couple of times and that was years ago. Seemed kinda expensive at the time compared to Amazon etc. If they haven't kept up I'm not surprised their going down the chutes.

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