Behold: The fish and chip pie

fish chip pie The Fish & Chip pie - It's now a thing. Marks & Spencer are launching a new pie which is basically fish and chips and mushy peas in a pastry casing.


The store will be launching its new £3.49 treat, which is made up of cod chunks, béchamel tartar sauce, mushy pea jus and topped off with a chip-based crust next week.

Each pie contains 581 calories – just over a quarter of a woman’s recommended daily intake, and a little more than a fifth of a man’s – and includes 31g of fat, 44 per cent of the daily allowance.

The inventor of the dish, Matt Dawson, said he "wanted to create a classic traditional British dish and turn it into a pie," adding, "what’s more British than fish & chips? I thought of the idea of eating it on the beach with one of our Cornish IPA ales".

The idea is so wonderful, you wonder why it's never been thought of before.

We'd tell you what it tastes like, but no one sends us pies here, so we'll just have to take M&S' word for it. FOR NOW.


    Seen these in a chippy in Yorkshire 25 years ago.
  • Jack S.
    For Gods hake, whatever next.

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