Bath bombs defy recession

7 January 2014

Many stores are in mourning after a terrible Christmas, but Lush are enjoying the sweet smell of success. Yes, it seems that when times are tight, the nation runs wildly towards piles of bath bombs that look like glittery poos.

Bitterwallet - Lush logo

Lush, who specialise in handmade soap and cosmetics, have defied the downward trend and report sales of £20m in the run up to Christmas – with a 27% increase in online sales. Overall, they announced a 13.4% increase in festive profits.

It’s been a tough year for Lush, who bought out part of their business in Japan after they found the Japanese weren’t that interested in fresh, organic ingredients, ethical practices and boxes of tarted up bicarbonate of soda with dried flower buds in them.

But luckily, it seems the message is getting through in the UK and elsewhere. With 910 stores worldwide, Lush are actually a proper UK success story. Once a lowly mail order firm called Cosmetics to Go, the Dorset based company continues to be one of the most idiosyncratic fixtures on the high street - not to mention one of the smelliest.

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  • shiftynifty
    Glad to see Lush is doing well, proper UK success story , and they back their ethics
  • andy y.
    ethics my arse
  • Keremy J.
    That's fuckin' lush!
  • Michael
    'Organic ingredients' tell that to the people who are allergic to Sodium Laureth Sulfate which Lush insists on using in their products.
  • Jason
    Can't stand the stink of that place when I walk past. It burns the hairs of from the inside of your nose!
  • grand
    "‘Organic ingredients’ tell that to the people who are allergic to Sodium Laureth Sulfate which Lush insists on using in their products." Well that's your own fucking problem then eh? Doesn't mean it's not organic, knobhead!
  • shiftynifty
    Jason....walk over the other side of the road...twat...and yarm of andy.....ethics is not your arse..
  • James E.
    Shops have been complaining about poor Christmas sales since I can remember, it's surprising there are any shops left.... oh what

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