Bar offers solution for bad internet dates

If you're meeting someone you've met online - and a lot of people do these days, what with it being 2016, where you can try and get to know someone first from the safe distance between two people's mobiles - it doesn't always go well.

Of course, for the most part, you can put up with a lousy date, as they're most likely going to be boring, or just not for you. These dates, you suffer, then make your way home and it counts as an 'L' in your dating form. However, some dates can go really badly and people can be made to feel rather unsafe by them. These ones are trickier to get out of, especially if you think the oddball you've been sat with might follow you.

Well, one bar called The Brickyard Bar has a very good solution, and have put a sign-up to give you a Get Out Of Jail Free card.



Quite why all bars, cafes, and restaurants don't have signs like this, is beyond us.

The only problem with this sign, is that it should be aimed at everyone - this particular one is found in the women's toilets, and doesn't account for women who date women, and indeed, some men can invariably end up in hostile situations with their dates, be they meeting a man or a woman.

We'd like a bit of consistency on all that, should any establishment be thinking of recreating this.

Either way, we like the idea of this, because not everyone is confident enough to deal with aggressive people, or people who are creeping them out. If you don't need signs like this and are confident enough to deal with such things on your own, feel free to complain about people not being as confident as you in the comments.

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  • Marvin
    Isn't tinder just a free drinks app for women?
  • Father J.
    FFS. What was so wrong with "I'm just off to powder my nose" followed by a quick bout of "Taxi please!"
  • Jordan
    "I'm off to powder my nose" always does the trick.. most women seem repulsed by the fact that I'm using drugs and end up leaving.

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