Baby suffocates after getting stuck on Ikea cot hook

ikea A 14-month-old baby has died after being suffocated in her cot after her pyjamas got attached to a hook on her Ikea cot.

The baby was taken to hospital, but died later that day. This week, the coroner ruled that her death was a ‘tragic accident’. The parents bought the cot and hooks from Ikea, who have now said that they will add new warnings to certain products, going 'over and above' normal British standards.

So what happened? Well, the court heard the details of the accident and recorded a verdict of accidental death. Coroner Sarah Ormond-Walshe said: "It’s obviously one of the most upsetting sets of circumstances that we sadly have to deal with as coroners, which is a 14-month-old baby – very well cared for – at the family home that has been put in its cot and found a short time later, having been checked over approximately every hour, where a bit of its clothing became caught in a plastic hook which had been attached to the cot at one point."

"Possibly the baby tried to move over out of the cot. By the time the mother has found Violet she was not in a state where she could survive."

Gary Robertson, who is the deputy risk manager at Ikea, said: "We are making changes to our safety instructions. We are adding additional wording which goes over and above British standards."

The cots will now say 'do not attach, stick or add any item to the inside or outside of your cot - it may become a catch hazard for your baby.'

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