Asda to take on those awful banks

9 July 2012

ASDAAsda wants us all to trust them, not like those other awful bastards from other supermarkets with their banking products. Wal-Mart's British wing have decided to take everyone else with a rather aggressive rebrand of their personal finance division.

Asda Money will target 18 million customers with an unlimited cashback credit card, as well as throwing Energy Compare and Save service in our faces to try and help us all switch energy suppliers for a better deal.

Kirsty Ward, head of Asda Money, said: “Times are tough and we want to do more for the millions of people who shop at Asda every day. Financial products are important, but they shouldn’t cost the earth and you shouldn’t need to be an expert to buy one. At Asda Money, we’re combining our retail and financial services expertise to provide quality products at prices that save people money every day."

Asda Money's credit card will offer 1pc unlimited cashback on Asda shopping, 1pc cashback on Asda fuel and 0.5pc unlimited cashback on all shopping away from Asda. The unlimited cashback will be redeemed monthly and has no annual fee.

Lets just hope we don't have a repeat performance of their price-fixing debacle from a couple of years ago, eh readers?

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  • Dick
    The 0.5pc cashback for shopping in a decent supermarket is shit.
  • Bill B.
    Not really a market leading card is it? Virgin offers 0.8% cashback, Aqua offers 3%...
  • sceptical
    Asda takes on those awful banks with a card from Creation owned by BNP Paribas....

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